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Nine Relaxing Yoga Retreats

North America

Yoga Vacations are also available in some other locations, please contact your local Sivananda Centre for details.

Yoga Vacation - The Ideal Vacation

Ever feel like you need a vacation when you return from being on vacation? A typical vacation usually gives little rest to our body, mind and senses. The Yoga Vacation program is a great way to go on vacation and really feel a difference. It is designed to recharge your energetic batteries and truly rejuvenate your body and mind to leave you feeling inspired, refreshed, centred and peaceful.

Relief from everyday stress comes from following the basic ashram schedule of two daily satsangs (silent meditation, mantra chanting and spiritual lecture) and two yoga classes while still having plenty of free time to rest, socialize with new and old friends and enjoy two delicious vegetarian meals. This powerful and harmonious program is based on the 5 Points of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda. Come for a week or better yet for two to experience the complete benefits of this wonderful way to take a true break from your everyday life.

Anywhere, Anytime!

There are 9 Sivananda Ashrams around the world - in Canada, India, France, Austria, Bahamas, and the United States. Most offer the Yoga Vacation program all year round. Yoga Vacations are sometimes offered in other locations outside the ashrams - ask your local Sivanada Yoga Centre for details.

The Ashrams also offer special theme retreats to enhance your experience even further. These range from learning how to cook great vegetarian food to enjoying the performances of special music guests from around the world and much more.

All guests are encouraged to participate in Karma Yoga (selfless service) for an hour a day. Helping around the ashram gives you an opportunity to meet new people and try your hand at some things that may be new to you i.e. gardening or food preparation. Traditionally, Yoga acknowledges that volunteering time and offering donations helps one feel closer to the spiritual mission and the ashram environment is the perfect place to participate with other like-minded people.

I've never tried yoga before

The Yoga Vacation is an excellent way to start. No previous experience is required. The program provides instruction for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.

How to register

Enjoy browsing the websites of the many different Sivananda Yoga Ashrams for more specific information about everything that is available to you and/or to reserve a space. Each year we continue to add a wide range of appealing programs to enhance your vacation experience. Contact the ashram directly, or get in touch with yourlocal Sivananda Yoga Centre. We are always happy to help you make the perfect decision about where to spend time with us.

Ashram Daily Schedule

5:30 am - Wake-up bell
6:00 am - Satsang (silent meditation, Mantra Chanting and lecture/reading)
8:00 am - Asanas, Relaxation)
10:00 am - Brunch (wholesome delicious, vegetarian meal)
4:00 pm - Yoga class
6:00 pm - Dinner
8:00 pm - Satsang
10:00 pm - Lights out
Please note that attendance at all Yoga classes and Satsangs is mandatory in all Ashrams. Sometimes special events will be held. Workshops or lectures typically take place at Noon or 2:00 pm; please check the Ashram's upcoming special programs for details.

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