April 8 - 13, 2012
Yoga Lifestyle Retreat for Healthy Body and Peaceful Mind/Meditation Week

This retreat will guide you systematically through the theory and practice of Yoga exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation. The Yoga Lifestyle Retreats are ideal for those new to Yoga practice or for those wishing to renew their practice. The retreats run from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. To complete your Yoga experience, extend your stay through the weekend. ($150 plus accommodations)


April 13 -1 5, 2012
Deaf Yoga with Lila

This three-day intensive yoga retreat, presented in American Sign Language (ASL), has a focus of creating mindfulness in every day life. You will explore daily meditations, mindful nature walks and yoga asana classes.

Join your teachers Dorothy Wilkins, Geeta Sagar and Lila Lolling in sharing a special weekend focused on clutivating midfulness in our lives and our community. This beautiful offering will deepen your sense of connection, calm the mind and enhance daily living through various practices and teachings that each teacher will offer. We look forward to sharing, learning, growing and communing together.

Founder of the Deaf Yoga Foundation, Lila's dedication and innovation to spread the teachings of Yoga is an inspiration. She has taught Yoga for the past 10 years and to the Deaf community for the past 5 years.

*This program is open to the signing community only.




April 14 - 15-, 2012
Teachers' Meeting

Saturday 4/14: TTC Graduation
-5:30pm Celebratory Feast
-7:30pm TTC Graduation and Talent Show

Sunday 4/15
-TBA Morning Satsang
-8:00am Advanced Asana Class taught by Mahadev Chaitanya
-12:00pm Teachers' Meeting led by Srinivasan with Swami Narayananada and Swami Ambikananda
-2:00pm Tea and Cookies 



April 20 - 22, 2012
Yoga at Home with Keshava

This weekend will explore ways to create a daily yoga lifestyle routine at home. How to integrate the five basic points (postures, breathing, relaxation, diet and meditation/positive thinking) into ones day to day activities will be discussed. No matter what your individual circumstances are, techniques will be presented which will allow you to incorporate yoga teachings into your day according to the time you have available.


April 27 - 29, 2012
Therapeutic Theatre with Mitchell Rabin

Theraputic Theater can help resolve conflicts in personal or professional relationships by promoting peace and cooperation. Mitchell will teach some Chi-Kung exercises followed by a round of theater exercises. Mitch Jay Rabin is a holistic psychotherapist, stress-management consultant and host of the cable program A Better World.