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Man's mental and moral growth has not kept pace with his technical and scientific advance.

Raja Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, with commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda - Random Selection

Raja Yoga Sutra Selection # 31

From Discourse I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"


'"Samprajnata samadhi" (samadhi with consciousness) is accompanied by reasoning, discrimination, bliss, and an awareness of individuality.'

The aforementioned stages are all phases of 'samprajnata', 'samadhi' with seed. Their differences are those of degree, in progression of concentration and in disassociation from the gross ego. As the gross ego falls away, the psychic centers and elements dominate the consciousness. The elements, from dense to subtle, are then merged into mind, which becomes it's own object of meditation. On reaching the pure state of ego, one is unaware of physical, astral or blissful experience. Consciousness resides in the individual in his purest form, which remains separate from the object of meditation, just as sun's reflection is separate from sun. This is a very difficult time for the spiritual seeker. He has reached a stage of development in which spiritual powers are thrown in his lap. Nature will hold him back as long as there is even a little ego. One is tested by acquision of powers, supramental experiences, obstacles and pressures. Don't be beguiled by external powers. Whether they are desired or not, they come naturally as the yogi advances along the path. Then people inevitably come to seek advice and counsel. This is a testing period for the ego. Credit should not be expected for the performance of duty. This level is reached only after a long evolution of several lifetimes. It is necessary to push on to the unqualified experience of the 'asamprajnata' state, in which there is no dualism.

Bhagavad Gita Quote with commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda - Random Selection

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