Daily Quotes and Sutras

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter II: Sankhya Yoga

(Krishna speaking to Arjuna)
II.42. Flowery speech is uttered by the unwise, taking pleasure in
the eulogising words of the Vedas, O Arjuna, saying, "There is
nothing else."
COMMENTARY: Unwise people who are lacking in discrimination lay
great stress upon the Karma Kanda or the ritualistic portion of
the Vedas, which lay down specific rules for specific ations for
the attainment of specific fruits and extol these actions and
rewards unduly. They are highly enamoured of such Vedic passages
which prescribe ways for the attainment of heavenly enjoyments in
Svarga(heaven) which can be obtained by performing the rites of
the Karma Kanda of the Vedas.
There are two main divisions of the Vedas--Karma Kanda (the
section dealing with action) and Jnana Kanda (the section dealing
with knowledge). The Karma Kanda comprises the Brahmanas and the
Samhitas. This is the authority for the Purvamimamsa school
founded by Jaimini. The followers of this school deal with
rituals and prescribe many of them for attaining enjoyments and
power here and happiness in heaven. They regard this as the
ultimate object of human existence. Ordinary people are attracted
to their panegyrics. The Jnana Kanda comprises the Aranyakas and
the Upanishads which deal with the nature of Brahman or the
Supreme Self.
Life in heaven is also transitory. After the fruits of the
good actions are exhausted, one has to come back to this earth-
plane. Liberation or Moksha can only be attained by knowledge of
the Self but not by performing a thousand and one sacrifices.
Lord Krishna assigns a comparitively inferior position to the
doctrine of the Mimamsakas of performing Vedic sacrifices for
obtaining heaven, power and lordship in this world as they cannot
give us final liberation.

Daily Quote

We require truly religious men in public services.

Raja Yoga Sutra

Raja Yoga Selection Number 106, for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

[from Discourse II: "Sadhana Pada- On Spiritual Disciplines"]
'Posture is mastered by releasing tension and meditation on the Unlimited'.

There should be no strain, but only a firm and relaxed maintaining
of the position. Then with the mind focused on the Infinite, one's
limitations are more easily extended, and the 'asana' is mastered.

Weekly Poem


What a wonderful, exalted state !
It is all ineffable joy, bliss and peace.
The wealth and glory of this world is a mere straw.
This world is a mere ripple on the ocean of
pure consciousness
I abide in everything;
Everything is in me.
Within and without, above and below,
Here, there and everywhere is the Atman.
The entire world is filled with Brahman.
All fears, doubts, desires and delusion
Have entirely vanished.
I am full, infinite, immortal.
What shall I do? Where shall I go?
What shall I take?
What shall I give up?
I have nothing left to do.
Blessed indeed am I.

a) Atman - The self or soul
b) Brahman - The absolute, God, Infinity

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