Daily Quotes and Sutras

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter I: The Yoga of Arjuna's Despondancy

I.9. (Duryodhana to Drona describing the Kuru army)
"And also many other heroes who are ready to give up their lives
for my sake, armed with various weapons and missiles, all well
skilled in battle."

I.10. "This army of ours marshalled by Bhishma is unlimited yet
insufficient, whereas that army of theirs marshalled by Bhima is
limited yet sufficient.

Daily Quote

This world is a pit of live coals, a vale of tears. You cannot expect lasting bliss here.

Raja Yoga Sutra

Raja Yoga Selection Number 4, for Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[from Chapter I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"]
'Yoga is restraining the activities of the mind.'

Commentary: The mind is neither visible nor tangible. It exists not in
the physical body, as does the brain, but in the astral body. Its
magnitude cannot be measured, for it carries all feelings, ideas and
impressions from this life and all previous lives, as well as intuitive
knowledge of what is to come. It is the mind, and nothing else, that
must be corralled and controlled in order to achieve the true peace of
The Sanskrit word 'chitta' translates as mind-stuff, or mental
substance. It is, in a sense, the ground floor of the mind. In Vedanta
philosophy, it is referred to as 'antahkarana', which means inner
instrument. The 'antahkarana' contains four main elements. The 'manas',
mind, engages in thinking, doubting and willing. The 'buddhi' is the
intellect, and it performs the functions of discriminating and making
decisions. Tat portion of the mind which is self-arrogating and sees
itself as separate from the Source is the 'ahamkara', ego. Finally,
there is the subconscious, which serves as a storehouse of past
experience and memory; this is also called the 'chitta'.

Weekly Poem


In the perfect nameless, formless void,
In the unlimited expanse of bliss,
In the region of matterless, mindless joy,
In the realm of timeless, spaceless stillness,
In the infinite zone of speechless, thoughtless peace,
In the transcendental abode of sweet harmony,
I united with the Supreme Effulgence.
The thought that we are one or two vanished.
I crossed the sea of birth for ever.
This is all due to the grace of the Lord
Who danced in Brindavan with rythmic jingle,
Who raised Govardhan as umbrella for the cowherds.

a) Brindivan - Birthplace of Krishna, in Northern India
b) Govardhan - Mountain lifted by one of Krishna's fingers

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