No Anger

No Anger

This course has been designed to help students understand how this emotion can be transformed into an effective tool for developing a deeper insight into the workings of the mind. The classes cover the different forms of anger and techniques for their transformation. Each class focuses on some theoretical aspect of yoga psychology followed by practical exercises. During the course the students keep a diary of their practice and experiences.

“He who is able to resist the force of desire and anger even before he quits his body—he is a Yogin, he is a blessed man.” Bhagavad Gita Ch. V-23.

“Those who are free from desire and anger, and who have subdued their minds and realized themselves—around such austere men lies the beatitude of God.” Bhagavad Gita Ch. V-26.

1.5 hours/ class
1x per week for 4 weeks
$60 members, $80 non-members

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Dissolving Anger Courses for March and June 2014 have been cancelled. Check back soon for upcoming dates.