Positive Thinking

74035ecd9b1139ef4580a01c4cd0fb4dOur thoughts have a great impact on our lives. They mould our character, control our lives, shape our destiny. They affect our relationships with other people and with ourselves.

A practical introduction to yoga philosophy, this course offers techniques for facing both inner and outer obstacles through understanding the transformative power of thought, thus improving the quality of life. Thoughts control our life, mold our character, shape our destiny and affect our relationships both with ourselves and others.

Subject matter includes:

  • The nature of thought.
  • How to deal with unwanted thoughts.
  • Tranforming negative emotions.
  • How to turn obstacles to our advantage.

The course is structured over 4 classes, 90 minutes each.

Members & Students: $60 Non-members: $70
Advance registration require. Full payment upon registration.

Tuesdays (6.30 – 8pm):
April 10 – May 1 (English)

Registration and informations at montreal@sivananda.org or at 514 279 3545
Recommended Textbook : Thought Power by Swami Sivananda (Available at the Boutique)
Practical hints : * Arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to class * Wear loose comfortable clothing


Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Montreal

5178, St-Laurent blvd
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 1R8
(between Laurier and Fairmount)


(514) 279 3545



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