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Yoga for stress relief workshops
Beneficial effects of asanas and relaxation on the physiology
with Chandrika, MP
March 30 - April 1
Workshop and class topics:
Monday, March 30
6.30pm Workshop: Anatomy and physiology of the stress response
8.00pm Asana class: Concentration and breath control in the asanas
Tuesday, March 31
6.30pm Workshop: How asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation counteract the stress response
8.00pm Asana class: Strengthening the relaxation response
Wednesday, April 1
6.30pm Workshop: How to strengthen resilience against external stress
8.00pm Meditative asana class
Chandrika is a medical doctor and a Sivananda Yoga Teacher.
She teaches anatomy and physiology in the Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses in Europe and has a keen interest in scientific research on yoga.
Workshop: Members £12.50, non-members £17.50, concession £15
Class: Members £7.50, non-members £11, concession £9 or 1 tick on class card
Body awareness
in the asanas
with Kailas
April 10 - 12
Body awareness
Friday, April 10
6.00pm Advanced asana class: Breath, prana and increasing vitality
7.30pm Satsang: The power of chanting to open the heart
Saturday, April 11
2.00pm Workshop: Asana coaching - come with your questions on your asana practice, get individual corrections, understand how asanas work, improve your body awareness in your practice
4.00pm Asana class: Increasing awareness in the asanas
Sunday, April 12
3.30pm Advanced asana workshop: A step by step approach for improving flexibility and strength
6.00pm Satsang: The art of well being
Kailas is staff at the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda in France and is a young and dynamic Sivananda yoga teacher.
Class: members £7.50, non-members £11, concessions £9
members: £12.50, non-members: £17.50, concession: £15
Satsang: free of charge. Donations are welcome.
T H I S   Y E A R S’
Will take place at the
Ashram de Yoga Sivananda Orleans, France
April 17th to May 7th 2015
Staff Refresher
A 3 weeks’ international gathering of swamis and staff to re-tap the source of inspiration for sadhana, service and teaching.
• The next step in asanas, pranayama and meditation
• Anatomy intensive: Asanas and mobility of the Spine
• Scripture study: Viveka Chudamani – the crest jewel of discrimination
• Swamiji’s legacy: light on the the TTC main lectures
• Ahimsa in action: non violent communication workshops
• Spreading the word: updates on social media and time management
Staff Refresher France
Dr. M.S. Nandakumar
Ganesha – the first God
and Remover of Obstacles
with Dr. M.S. Nandakumar
Sunday 17 May at 6pm
Ganesha is a symbol for strength and wisdom. He is very loving and is worshipped worldwide because of his sweet nature. He can help us overcome obstacles and attain success in the material and spiritual field.

Dr. M.S. Nandakumar is the Executive Director of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London. He is a Sanskrit scholar with a deep knowledge and devotion to the scriptures of yoga.
Free of charge. Donations are welcome.
Jaya Bharati
Yoga for the Back
with Jaya Bharati
May 29 - 31
Yoga for the Back
Friday, May 29
6.00pm Asana class “Gentle practice with respect for the back”
Saturday, May 30
10.30am Asana class “Adjusted asana variations for the back I”
2.30pm Workshop 1:
- Muscle length, muscle strength
- Anatomy of the spine
- Yoga postures and their effects
Sunday, May 31
Workshop 2:
- Plumb line
- Improving posture
- Lordosis and Kyphosis
- Proper breathing in the yoga postures
4.00pm Asana class “Adjusted asana variations for the back II”
Jaya Bharati is an experienced yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Paris and a yoga therapist with special focus on the needs of people who are unable to follow a regular asana class.
Class: members £7.50, non-members £11, concessions £9
members: £12.50, non-members: £17.50, concession: £15
Programme with swami Kailasananda
with Swami Kailasananda, Yoga Acharya
June 2 - 7
Workshop and class topics:
Tuesday June 2
6.30pm Advanced asana class
8.00pm Workshop: The transforming power of sound
Wednesday June 3
6.30pm Workshop: Pranayama, the art of breathing
8.00pm Asana class with extended pranayama practice
Saturday June 6
6.00pm Satsang: The joy of contentment
Sunday June 7
6.00pm Satsang: Inspiration from the life of Swami Sivananda
Swami Kailasananda is Yoga Acharya of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres in England and France. She is a long time disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and teaches in Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training (TTC), Advanced Teachers'Training (ATTC) and Sadhana Intensive courses with much clarity, generosity and deep insight.
Class: members £7.50, non-members £11, concessions £9
Workshop: members: £12.50, non-members: £17.50, concession: £15
Satsang: free of charge. Donations are welcome.
Stephen Quong
Vedic astrology workshops
With Stephen Quong
June 4 - 7
astrology workshops
Astrology has played an important role in every major culture and civilization since the beginning of recorded history. Since ancient times, there has been a universal quest to discover a deeper relationship between the movement of heavenly bodies, and the apparently random and disparate events upon this earth.
These workshops will show how the planetary cycles act as a timetable for the unfolding of life lessons.

Stephen Quong
(Umananda) is a renowed vedic astrologer from California. He studied classical vedic astrology with several masters in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka and has been practising astrology in Asia and America since 1970. He is a yoga practitioner himself. Personal consultations available by request.

Contact the Centre
for more details.
Thursday, June 4
6.30 - 8.00pm Free Talk: “Introduction to Vedic Astrology”
Saturday, June 6
2.00 - 3.30pm Workshop: “Vedic astrology, yoga and spirituality”
Sunday, June 7
2.00 - 3.30pm Workshop: “Identifying Your Life Purpose and Career Path with Vedic Astrology.”
Price per workshop: Members £9.50 / Non-members £13.50 / Concessions £11.50
Full programme: Members £28.50 / Non-members £40.50 / Concessions £34.50
South Indian
Temple Rituals
with a South Indian priest
June 12 - 14
Puja times:
Friday, June 12 at 7.30pm | Saturday, June 13 at 6pm | Sunday, June 14 at 6pm
Free and open to all.
Donations welcome. Students are encouraged to bring flowers and fruit.
South Indian Temple Rituals
Healing Trauma through Deep Relaxation
Explore the power of Yoga nidra
With Madhavi (Molly Birkholm)
July 3 - 5
Madhavi (Molly Birkholm)
  • Learn about the latest research on yoga and meditation that is proving how these ancient practices can ease insomnia, pain, depression and anxiety
  • Join us as we soothe and heal the body and mind with calming yoga practices and Yoga Nidra guided meditation
  • Discover the meaning that the biggest challenges of your life present as we dive deep into restorative yoga practices where healing naturally unfolds.
Molly (Madhavi) Birkholm is an advanced Sivananda Yoga Instructor and a certified iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor. She leads retreats and workshops around the world and specializes in treating trauma (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) through yoga and meditation.
Full weekend : Members: £80 - Non-members £99.50
Sanjay Kulkarni
Healthy living
with Ayurveda
with Sanjay and Anjani Kulkarni,
Ayurveda Acharyas
July 8 - 13
Anjani Kulkarni
Ayurveda offers a delicious and healthy alternative to conventional food choices as it considers food to be both nourishment as well as medicine. The two cooking workshops will demonstrate how to prepare a simple and nutritious Ayurvedic meal and will show how to use food and herbs as prevention of disease and as treatment for minor ailments. The lectures will give an introduction to the main principles of Ayurveda; dietary intake, personal adaptations to seasonal changes and daily routine.

This programme offers an introduction to the main principles of Ayurveda: dietary intake, personal adaptations to seasonal changes, daily routine.

Mr and Mrs Kulkarni have spent the last 20 years teaching Ayurveda around the world. They use their profound expertise to give practical advice on how to prevent disease and develop radiant health.
Wednesday, July 8
6.30pm Lecture: Ayurveda life style: daily health regimen
Thursday, July 9
6.30pm Lecture: Dietary guidelines for all constitutions
Friday, July 10
6.30pm Lecture: Ayurveda kitchen pharmacy (theory)
Saturday, July 11
2.00pm Cooking workshop: Ayurveda kitchen pharmacy
Sunday, July 12
2.00pm Cooking workshop: Ayurvedic cooking workshop
Monday, July 13
6.30pm Lecture: Ayurveda in Women's life
One Lecture: £9.50 Members / £13.50 Non-Members / £11.50 Concession
All 4 Lectures:
£28.50 Members / £40.50 Non-Members / £34.50 Concession
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