Komilla Sutton


Jyotish Weekend

Jyotish - as Vedic Astrology is known in India, is the science of light. Vedic astrology is the eye  of the Vedas. It is helps to understand the cosmic principles of life.  It lights a candle in the darkness within us, to guide us towards our  true spiritual direction. Connects the past to the present. Knowledge of Vedic Astrology is essential to the Yogi as it opens the inner world, helps understand what we have brought into this life, both our weaknesses and strengths and how to deal with them in the time we live in.

Friday, October 11, 7:15-9:00pm - Free introduction to Jyotish
This session is designed to give an introduction to the principles of Vedic Astrology.  (FREE)

Saturday, October 12, 2:00-5:00pm -  Workshop
(suggested donation $20 Members/$30 Non-members)
Understanding your karma and dharma - keys to living a happy life!

Sunday, October 13 (By Appointment) Jyotish Consultations. Call the center to make your appointment.

KomillaSutton is the co-founder and chair of the British Association for Vedic Astrology and is on the faculty of the American College of Vedic Astrology. She is an internationally renowned consultant, teacher and lecturer and lives in the Bay Area.



Komilla will be available for personal consultations while she is with us. Contact the center for more information or to make an appointment. Birth time and place required to generate your chart.

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