A Special Weekend on the Yoga of Sleep
with Dr. Rubin Naiman


The Yoga of Sleep: An Introduction
Deep, refreshing sleep and dreams are the cornerstone of well being and an essential foundation for spiritual practice. Research has linked sleep problems and dream loss to depression, obesity and an array of illnesses. This presentation provides an overview of a new, integrative, body, mind and spirit approach to our night consciousness. 
Friday, September 27, 7:15–8:45pm FREE

The Yoga of Sleep: Healing Sleeplessness
Too many of us struggle with insufficient sleep and insomnia. Because many factors can contribute to disruptive nights, healing our sleep calls for a new perspective that integrates the best of modern science with traditional spiritual understandings. This workshop provides practical and informative guidance for addressing sleeplessness.
Saturday, September 28, 2:00–5:00pm - Suggested Donation: Non-members $30/Members $20

The Yoga of Dreams: Re-enchanting Everyday Life
Our world is at least as dream deprived as it is sleep deprived. Dreaming is essential for our emotional healing, personal development and creativity. This workshop explores dreaming from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, inviting us to expand our awareness of ourselves, others and the world around us.
Sunday, September 29, 2:00–5:00pm - Suggested Donation: Non-members $30/Members $20
Satsang Talk - 7:30pm (Free)

Recommended readings:
1) Healing Night: The Science & Spirit of Sleeping, Dreaming & Awakening (Syren Books)
2) The Yoga of Sleep – (Soundstrue audio book)

Rubin Naiman, PhD is the sleep specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine, directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Naiman’s work integrates conventional sleep science with depth psychological and spiritual approaches. He is the author of a number of groundbreaking works on sleep, including Healing Night, Healthy Sleep, To Sleep Tonight, The Yoga of Sleep as well as professional book chapters.

To learn more about Dr. Naiman, visit his website: http://www.drnaiman.com/

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