Yoga Asanas according to Ayurveda : August 01 - 03, 2018

Experience how a balanced practice of asanas and pranayama relate to the three body constitutions.

Description du cours

The science of Ayurveda, Indian system of healing and science of Yoga are closely aligned.  Ayurveda considers each of us as unique individuals with unique balance of 5 elements and 3 doshas (biological energies). The biological energies govern functioning of the body, mind, emotions and awareness.  Discussions will be focused on understanding the concepts of 5 elements and 3 doshas and how our yoga practice  affects our constitution. 
We will learn how  certain awareness of postural alignment, breathing and our mindset can bring balance to our practice. Over the period of time we can learn to  adapt the basic practice with right variations so that in spite of all the factors  that contribute to imbalance of doshas, we can  still lead  harmonious life. 

**10 hr Continued Education Certificate with Yoga Alliance upon completion.

Check in is at 15:00
 Regular Ashram daily schedule
 6 am-8am Morning satsang
8am-10am Yoga Class
10 am Brunch
11:00am-11:45am Karma Yoga
12 pm – 3:00 pm Course session 
4-6 pm Ayurvedic Yoga Class 
6pm Dinner
8.00 pm Satsang
6 am-8am Morning satsang
8am-10am Yoga Class
10 am Brunch
11:00am Check-out of the room
12 pm – 3:00 pm Course session 
4-6 pm Ayurvedic Yoga Class 

**The course ends on Friday August 3rd at 6 pm. Please plan to depart a day after the course dates if needed. Please refer to the check in/out times.

If you would like to take the full 2 week Sivananda Adapted Yoga Teacher Training that includes the following courses:
Adapted Yoga Asanas
Yoga Asanas According to Ayurveda
Teaching Yoga for Kids and Teens
Chair Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
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Qui devrait participer?

These courses are open to yoga teachers of all traditions and are based on teachings of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organization and Swami Vishnudevananda s five basic points of yoga .


Check-in:  Check-in is at 3 PM.  After you arrive, feel free to join the yoga class at 4 PM and dinner at 6 PM.

Check-out: Check-out is at 11 AM.

Amenities:  Guests have access to all of the ashram facilities, including the temple, wood sauna, library, swimming pool (summer months only) and outdoor activities. 

Shuttle Service:  We provide a shuttle service from the Sivananda Montreal Centre to the Yoga Camp on Fridays 7 PM that returns to the Centre on Sundays 1:30 PM. Limited seating is available. Please contact reception at or at 819-322-3226 if you would like to reserve a seat. The shuttle costs $15 per person each way.  For further information on how to get to the ashram, please see our Contact Us page.

Family reservation: Kids 6-12 are 1/2 price.  Kids 5 and below are free.  Families with children MUST contact us directly to book their stay.


Dr.P.R. Vishnu is a resident doctor at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram in Kerala (Sivananda Institute of Health). He oversees and teaches Ayurvedic Wellness Courses and Abhyanga Massage Courses and conducts Panchakarma Detoxification programmes. He is also a consulting doctor and co-ordinator of the Sivananda Medical Camp Program. The programme offers free ayurvedic medical service for the local community, and provides treatement to 1000 patients per month.


Mayavan has been practicing yoga and ayurveda for a long time and is a dedicated teacher and student of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organization.



The cost for this course is $250 plus accommodation.


  • Single room

    CAD $ 180

  • Dorms

    CAD $ 120

  • Camping

    CAD $ 90

Politique d'annulation

There will be a $150 fee for cancellations made before the arrival date. Cancellations made on the arrival day or after will be charged 1 night accommodation plus an additional $150. No show, no refund.