Spring Sweat Lodge : May 25 - 27, 2018

Experience the ancient tradition of our native ancestors in this purifying ceremony.

Description du cours

Experience the ancient tradition of our native ancestors. The Sweat Lodge, often referred to as a ceremonial sauna, is a dynamic practice of purification through prayer and song and helps to heal the earth by awakening our connection with Mother Nature and Her wisdom. Walking on fire has existed for several thousand years, with records dating back to 1200 B.C. Cultures across the globe, from Greece to China, used fire walking for rites of healing, initiation, and faith.

Qui devrait participer?

Open to all with or without experience or knowledge of yoga.


Check-in:Check-in is on Friday 3PM. After you arrive, feel free to join the yoga class at 4 PM and dinner at 6 PM.Amenities:Guests have access to all of the ashram facilities, including the temple, wood and infrared saunas, library, swimming pool (summer months only), and outdoor activities.Shuttle Service:We provide a shuttle service from the Sivananda Montreal Centre to the Yoga Camp on Friday evenings that returns to the Centre on Sunday afternoons. Limited seating is available. Please contact reception at yogacampreception@sivananda.org or at 819-322-3226 if you would like to reserve a seat. The shuttle costs $15 per person each way.For further information on how to get to the ashram, please see our Contact Us page.


Pierre Corvione (Prayagdas) is a varied and versatile practitioner of yoga and philosophy, with a solid practice in Japa Yoga. He spent several months in the last 20 years in India studying yogic culture and practices, and he has worked at the ashram for more than 15 years. He has a deep knowledge of Amerindian traditions and has been trained in many of these practices. With a great connection to land and nature, he has the ability to lead and guide people through indigenous teachings.


  • Single room

    CAD $ 175

Politique d'annulation

There is a $50 fee for cancellations made before the arrival date. Cancellations made on the arrival day or after will be charged one night of accommodation in addition to the cancellation fee. We are unable to offer a refund in the event of a no show.