Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Counsellor Certification Course : August 05 - 14, 2018

Gain an understanding of Ayurveda and develop your own healthy lifestyle.

Description du cours

Gain a profound foundational understanding of Ayurveda, theoretically and practically, to develop a healthy lifestyle through tools like diet therapy, nutrition and herbal remedies. Certification – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor. Open to everyone including yoga teachers, yoga practitioners and other wellness practitioners. This course is designed to provide students with a profound foundational understanding of Ayurveda theoretically and practically, in order to develop their own healthy life style. Students will design balanced Ayurvedic health programs for themselves and others, with tools that include daily health regimens, diet therapy, nutrition and herbal remedies. Students will further learn how to apply Ayurveda therapeutically within a yogic life style. The course acknowledges the successful student’s expertise to perform as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor who can assess Ayurvedic constitutional types to help family, friends and others progress towards balance by using an Ayurvedic health regime and lifestyle suggestions. The course is open to everyone: yoga teachers, yoga practitioners; those who are searching for a deeper understanding of Ayurveda and yoga wellness, as well as those who are involved in other healing arts and would like to share Ayurvedic principles with others to empower health and fitness.The course is not for the purpose of any diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any diseases. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concerns, please consult your family physician or primary health care provider. Course overview Introduction of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda including the five basic elements theory, Tridosha theory, and Sankhya philosophy. Concept of Ama, Agni, Ojas, Seven Tissues (Dhatu), and Channels (Srotas). Determine your own body type based on Tridosha theory Guidance on how to pursue Ayurvedic preventive methods such as Ddaily (Dincharya) and seasonal routine (Ritucharya) Overview of disease cause and manifestation Introduction to some ancient Ayurvedic examination techniques such as tongue and nail observation Importance of Ayurvedic home remedies in doshic imbalance and prevention Information on Ayurvedic healing treatments and Panchkarma Overview on self massage and oil massage(Abhyanga) Information on the use of common Ayurvedic herbs and spices Overview on Ayurvedic nutrition Practical session overview Preparation of Ayurvedic home remedies Sample session for preparation of Ayurvedic digestive formulas Introductory session for Ayurvedic cooking of Tridoshic recipes Practical of Ayurvedic massage: the basic points of self massage

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Open to all with or without experience or knowledge of yoga


Dr. Sonal Bhatt M.D. (Ayurveda) is a highly qualified Ayurvedic physician and Panchakarma specialist from one of the leading Ayurvedic universities in India, Jamnagar Ayurvedic University. She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant from CSNN Toronto. She has been practicing as an Ayurvedic consultant, Panchkarma specialist, teacher and researcher in India, Canada and North America for over 20 years.  She is currently practicing and teaching in Ayurveda and offering holistic health services in Toronto.


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