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5 Day Applied Permaculture Practicum

October 16-21, 2012















Day 1 - The intrinsic nature of water

*Creating and installing flowforms to connect, energize and oxygenate the four-pond reticulation system installed during the last two Permaculture Design courses.
*Why add water into the ecosystem design?
*Adding edible perennial plants and aquaculture.
*Stirring and spraying Biodynamic preps.
*Taking the mystery out of the water we drink.

Day 2 - Four Seasons  Food Production for Cold Climates (small and large scale growing)

*Creating a  movable, walk-in, unheated winter greenhouse
*Creating smaller hoop houses and cold frames
*Food security in urban communities
*Plants to grow during the winter season
*Rotation gardening and green manure crops
*Healthy, easy care winter gardening
*Herbal compost teas for greenhouse production

Days 3, 4 and 5 - Creating beautiful and affordable hand built Hobbit homes with a goal of net-zero energy consumption

*During this three day segment the class will design and create models for the home locations at the Yoga Ranch
*Together we will source materials from the site for the future hobbit home construction segments and incorporate a hands-on cob building session along with discussion of foundation layout and construction techniques and whole log post and beam construction. The designs will  include radiant floor heating along with trombe’ windows.



$45.00 for a single day (day one or two) plus accommodation
$125.00 for the three day Hobbit home segment plus accommodation
$200.00 for all 5 days plus accommodation