1. Yoga Teachers: 3 Courses For You – How to Teach Meditation, Asana Corrections in Depth & Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training

    These upcoming courses for yoga teachers are great opportunities to expand your teaching capabilities or dive deeper into an area of special interest. Yoga teachers trained in all traditions are welcome to take these courses. 1) How to Teach Meditation Weekend of November 20 – 22, with Saraswati Learn how...
  2. Prenatal Course: Jul 22 – Aug 19

    The months of carrying a child are precious and soon past. You are engaged in the creation of a new life, not merely with your body, but with your emotions, mind and spirit. Yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help the mind and body adapt to pregnancy, prepare...
  3. Yoga 3 Intermediate Course: Starts Mon Oct 5

    An invigorating course that energizes and purifies the nadis (energy channels) by combining the basic postures with different, challenging variations and pranayama. This is a 3-week course with students meeting twice per week. Open to those who have completed Yoga 2, or are practicing yoga at an intermediate level. Cost:...
  4. Meditation Level 2 Course: Oct 9 – 30

    For those who have taken the Introduction to Medication Course or have a regular meditation practice. Go deeper into your meditation practice by understanding your mind, the root of your thoughts and emotions. Learn how to uplift your thoughts. Topics covered include: Meditation techniques according to the four paths of...

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