1. Yoga Asanas According to Ayurveda

    In this workshop we will look at the twelve basic yoga postures practiced in our open classes according to the healing system of Ayurvedic medicine and how to perform yoga asanas taking into consideration Ayurvedic mind-body types. The workshop will explain: the effects of an individual yoga postures on doshas...
  2. Hip Opening Workshop

    Warm up with Sun Salutation and learn postures to help you release tension from the hips. These variations will help increase your flexibility and prepare for the practice of more advanced yoga postures. Date: Saturday February 13 Time: 1:30 – 3:30 pm Cost: $30 Non-members / $24 Members  
  3. Headstand Workshop

    The headstand, or sirshasana, is known as the “King of Asanas” because of its many benefits. It is considered by many to be a panacea for countless human ills. This workshop is designed to guide you through how to come into and out of the headstand systematically and safely through...
  4. Chakra & Sequencing Workshop

    Explore the aspects of consciousness, elements and symbolism in the subtle anatomy of the chakra system, and also how the sequencing of asanas allows for the harmonious development of energies in the various chakras. Theory as well as focused practice of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation. *** Sorry, this...
  5. Yoga 4 Advanced Course: Nov 23 – Dec 16

    Explore more advanced asanas, practice holding postures longer, and learn to perfect your postures. Each session helps you gain more strength and focus from the practice. In this course, breathing and relaxation are also emphasized in order to experience deeper aspects of Hatha Yoga practice. This course is suitable for...
  6. Teachers – Asana Corrections in Depth: Nov 23-27

    Often, new yoga teachers struggle with how to correct students. In this course you will gain confidence in assisting and correcting students in their asana practice gently, effectively, and with integrity. We will also cover the various reasons for correcting students, how to determine if a correction is required and...

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