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Notice for Public ( Devotees)

In order to comply with City Fire Code, Emergency Vehicles Access, Forest Safety and Environmental protection and cleanliness, the Val Morin Temple asks the devotees to kindly respect the following:

1. Vehicles: No Vehicles are allowed to go up the hill any longer. If disabled people need assistance, please call the ashram well in advance 1-800-263-9642 to arrange a transportation or come directly to Yoga Camp reception and ask for assistance. All temple roads are designated only for Emergency and Maintenance vehicles, from parking lot. Devotees are required to reach the temple via the steps.

2. Pongala events must be done ONLY inside the Pongala shed. This is a strict FIRE CODE. You CANNOT cook in the forest outside the shelter any longer. We have a facility that can accommodate around 40 Pongalas at a time, so from now on, you will need to call the temple 819-322-1379 and get an appointment. Pongala can be done 7 days a week during the season. You must first get a $50 ticket before cooking in your designated spot.

Pongala consists of Sweet Rice (Pukkai), Vadda, and Modakam only. Any garbage is YOUR responsibility. Please do not leave garbage at the temple as we no longer have disposal facilities. After Pongala, please carry your garbage home in your vehicle.

3. Annadanam: The temple is providing Annadanam everyday for a fixed number of people so if you are coming with a group of family please let us know in advance so we prepare enough food. Annadanam must be done with prior permission. If you would like to use the temple kitchen, you can do so by paying $200 for a 4 hour period of cooking with a mandatory clean up afterwards. For either, you must provide plates and again, cleaning up all garbage is your responsibility. (Temple kitchen is only for Annadanam not for making Pongala, Vada, or Modakam).

4. Garbage: The Temple premises must be kept clean all the times with NO EXCEPTIONS. Please put the garbage in bins provided. The forest is not for dumping garbage, and this rule must be followed very strictly to avoid fines on the temple by environment department. NO garbage should be left in the parking area or forest or anywhere on the temple premises.

The Val Morin Temple strives to provide the best service possible for all devotees. Your cooperation is imperative so we can continue to do so in the future.

Thanking you,

Temple Management