About Us

May 4-6, 2012
The Way/Path of Non-attachment
with Swami Sadasivananda

Attachment is the origin, the root of all suffering. Non-attachment leads to mental and emotional freedom. The practice of equanimity and discrimination in life amidst our duties and involvements with the world. Swami Sadasivananda is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda, the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, New York and an Acharya, or senior teacher, in the Sivananda Yoga Tradition.

May 6-11, 2012
Yoga Lifestyle Retreat for Healthy Body & Peaceful Mind/Meditation Week

This retreat will guide you systematically through the theory and practice of Yoga exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation. The Yoga Lifestyle Retreats are ideal for those new to Yoga practice or for those wishing to renew their practice. The retreats run from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. To complete your Yoga experience, extend your stay through the weekend. ($150 plus accommodations)

May 12-20, 2012
Applied Permaculture
with Charles and Julia Yelton

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch is comitted to cultivating a harmonious relationship with the Earth as a vital part of yoga practice. Join us as we deepen our connection to the land and help create regenerative systems to move the ashram toward greater food abundance and self-reliance. Projects for this 8-day workshop include: tending the organic annual garden; composting and vermi-composting; designing and building a low-cost portable solar system; collecting and storing water in the landscape for agriculture, erosion control, enhanced micro-climate, beautification and to create a balanced eco-system with methods that include building a reticulating rootzone pond system, swales, keyline analysis and sheet mulching; developing a low-maintenance edible landscape by planting an espalier fruit tree living fence; and building a movable greenhouse for four-seasons growing in the northern climate. These projects will be mostly hands-on each day. ($150 plus accomodations)

May 19, 2012
Native American Sweat Lodge
with Heather Principe

Come join in a traditional Native American purification ceremony to help heal the Earth, through awakening our connection with nature and her wisdom. There will be a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning Sweat Lodge. ($25 extra per sweat lodge)

May 26-28, 2012
Sacred Sounds Memorial Weekend Celebration
with Jorge Alfano and Randy Crafton

This workshop will focus on rythmic awareness through drumming and physical motion. Through drumming, we are able to cultivate a clearer understanding of the rhythm that exists around and within us at all times. These rhythms affect our everyday existence with or without our concious awareness. Through nurturing our personal awareness of rhythm, we are better able to understand and respond to our world. No previous musical experience is required. Instruments will be provided for the workshop.

Randy Crafton is an active performer, composer and producer. He specializes in percussion from around the world and is highly involved as an educator and proponent of the theraputic effects of rhythm0based music. He is on the faculty of Julliard School in New York and Chair of the World Percussion Committee for the International Percussive Art Society.

May 26-27, 2012
Yantra--Tools for Healing and Transformation
with Mavis Gewant

The sacred art taught by Mavis Gewant cultivates inner silence and attunes one with the energy and essence of the Divine Aspect that is being evoked. No previous art experience is neccessary. Participants paint yantras, learning the corresponding mantra and chanting silently as the painting process unfolds. Mavis studied the ancient techniques of yantra painting with tantric master Dada Shri Harish Johari, for more than twenty years. Workshop is from 11am-3:30pm ($100 + materials, plus accomodations) Please bring your own supplies or plan to purchase in the workshop.

May 27, 2012
Nada Yoga: Healing with the Power of Elemental Sounds
with Jorge Alfano

Jorge Alfano has been a professional musician for over twenty-five years. He plays a variety of instruments from around the world, specializing in flutes and string instruments. The founder of the Sacred Sounds Institute, he recently performed for H.H. the Fourteenth Calai Lama of Tibet.

May 30-June 27, 2012
Teachers Training Course

Since 1968, when Swami Vishnudevananda creater the first-ever Yoga Teachers' Training Coursetaught in the West, more than 28,000 Yoga teachers have been certified by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers. Swamiji designed the Teachers' Training Course to closely approach the ancient gurukula system, in which the student's daily life was itself intensive Yoga training. Swami Vishnu developed a curriculum based on an integration of all aspects of Yoga and Vedanta from knowledge handed down by his guru, the great master Swami Sivananda. Vedanta teaches the essential unity of all beings, while Yoga offers practical methods for attaining conciousness of that unity. This four-week course is a profound experience that brins insight, transformation, renewed discipline and health.