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The peaceful and pure environment of the Yoga Ranch is an ideal location for the practice of fasting. The 9 Day Spiritual Fast is one of the longest running and most popular programs at the Yoga Ranch.

Fasting Programs July 27-August 5, 2012


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a Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is a simple and easily available tool for detoxifying the body, improving the functioning of the organs and restoring balance to the system. During juice fasting the body self digests its own stored substances and eliminates toxins. Fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas add vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the body in addition to aiding detoxification. The digestive system is rested from the constant work of processing food. We gain mental clarity and increased control over the senses.

The Nine-Day program

Our fast begins with a day of very light food, either basic salads with a light dressing or watermelon to start to prepare the system for the fast. From Sunday on we take only juices. Three juices are served daily. All are freshly prepared from 100% organic ingredients. The morning juice contains some fruit, the two afternoon juices are green vegetable juices. We serve lemon and ginger along with all the juices that can be added to your taste. In addition Spirulina (green algae) is available with each juice. In the evening we will be taking a fiber drink to help with elimination. The same program is followed each day until the weekend, when we begin the process of breaking the fast, usually with raw soups.


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and chanting form the core of the weeks activities. In addition to building vital energy (prana) yoga postures have a balancing and grounding effect and assist in the process of detoxification. Breathing exercises (pranayama) help further in building and stabilising vital energy. The state of relaxation brought on by meditation practice can help the body to cleanse and heal itself.



We meet for Satsang (meditation, chanting and talk) every morning at 6am and every evening at 8pm. We provide guidance for the 30 minute silent meditation practice which is followed by "kirtan" , devotional singing that helps purify the emotions and uplift the heart.



Workshops by Nutrition Consultant Manu Dawson will be held at the beginning and end of the fast. Manu will be talking on the rationale and method of juice fasting, the detoxification process, proper nutrition, how to avoid the intake of toxins in daily life, and how to maintain a detoxifying diet. During the week workshops will cover the theory and practice of meditation, positive thinking and yogic techniques for cleansing .


How will I feel during the fast?

As the process of detoxification begins some effects will normally be felt. You may experience headaches (particularly if you are used to drinking caffeine) and nausea. These effects will normally pass after the first days of the juice diet. You may experience increased irritability and heightened emotional states which should settle with the progress of the fast. Some days into the fast participants will normally experienced a heightened sense of well being.


How should I prepare for the fast?

To gain maximum benefit from the fast we recommend that you adjust your diet in a healthy way before arriving at the Ranch. Preparing yourself by taking a pure and wholesome vegetarian diet, avoiding chemical additives, avoiding or cutting down on white sugar, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and nicotine will help you to gain optimum benefits from the detoxification period.