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Desire is poverty. Desire is the greatest impurity of the mind. Desire is the motive force for action. Desire in the mind is the real impurity. Even a spark of desire is a very great evil.

Raja Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, with commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda - Random Selection

Raja Yoga Sutra Selection # 16

From Discourse I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"


'That mental modification which encompasses an absence of any content of mind is called sleep.'

During the deep sleep state the mind is blank. There is an experience of voidness in which the mind is attending to no thoughts. Some people may even experience this void state of mind with eyes open. But this 'vritti' must not be mistaken for the superconscious state in which there is full concentration, awareness and realization of the Self.

Bhagavad Gita Quote with commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda - Random Selection

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