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God alone can protect you from the mundane toubles, difficulties, tribulations and miseries. God listens to and answers all your prayers. Let the prayer come from the bottom of your heart.

Raja Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, with commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda - Random Selection

Raja Yoga Sutra Selection # 48

From Discourse I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"


'In order to remove these obstacles, one should meditate on one aspect of Truth'.

The seeker should choose one of the many forms of meditation in order to carry out his practice, focusing his mind on one specific object of concentration or embodiment of perfection, If he jumps from one to another, steadiness of mind can never be developed. Not only must concentration be focused on one object alone during any given sitting, but it should be the same object from year to year. This, is the only way to gather the rays of mind and to perfect one pointedness.

Bhagavad Gita Quote with commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda - Random Selection

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