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Issue #12/2012 Serve Love Give Purify Meditate Realize December 1, 2012
"One who practices renunciation and meditation, serves the World more than the social and political leaders, platform lectures and founders of institutions." - Sri Swami Sivananda

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Blessed Selves,
Om Namah Sivaya
We are reaching another end of the year all the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams and Centers are getting ready for their Christmas and NewYear celebrations. A new Swamiji's calendar will be out by the time you read this, contact your nearest Centre to get a copy for your house or office. We are glad that 2012 has been a very fruitful year for the
Organization with so much growth in Europe and Asia. We are happy to inform that we are expanding more in to East Europe, South America plus, a major shift of increased interest in yoga in Japan and China. We are also in the final stages of materializing an Sivananda Ashram in Italy. We wish you all the best with yearend festivity. May Master and Swamiji's energy be with us all. Pranams.

May Master and Swamiji's blessings be with us in all ways.

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Think of the Immortal Soul or Atman, then all thoughts of objects will perish by themselves. - Sri Swami Sivananda

Q. You say, "Atman is our real Self and we are, in reality, universal and absolute". You also say, "The personal relative self involves the idea of individuality, but the Absolute does not …" The question arises - are there two selves? One involving individuality, and the other, without individuality but Universal?

There is really one Self which is the Absolute. The relative self is not something different from the Absolute Self, but it is only the Absolute Self experienced through the adjunct or the instrument of the mind. An object has an independent nature of its own, but when it is seen through a distorted coloured glass, it also appears distorted and coloured. It does not however mean from this that the object is both perfect and distorted at the same time; the difference is only in the means of perception and knowledge. This is the case also with the experience of the Absolute Self with the help of the finite mind acting as the instrument of knowledge. The difference is in the medium of perception. The Reality is one.

Q. The Gita touches on many subjects which are useful to an aspirant after God-Knowledge, but strangely enough, omits to mention anything about the purpose behind creation. Why did God embark on creation at all?

The Lord's silence, in the Gita, about the purpose of Creation, is truly a demonstration of His divine wisdom. Notice, this very same problem arises in various minds in various forms. How did Avidya arise in Brahman? When did Karma begin? Why did the Formless assume forms? How could darkness or Maya exist in the Supreme Absolute Light? And so on. There can be no answer to these questions. It involves the understanding of the Ultimate Principle, the Intelligence that is behind and beyond these questions, the Cause of all causes, the Subject of all objects. It cannot be known as an object. And, when the subject (Self or Atman) knows Itself, speech and thought cease. The questioner and question vanish in the quest. The doubt disappears in the doubter. In that Supreme Silence, the problem is inexpressibly solved! The riddle is solved; but speech is baffled and the question remains unanswerable. Therefore, the Lord is silent about the transcendental question in the Gita; but, such is the divine wisdom of the Almighty that He gives ways and means of solving the problem. Don't bother about why Creation came into being, but try to know the Creator! Take Creation for what it is and try to transcend it. This is wisdom. Trying to probe intellectually into the mystery is only buying psychological distress. There is no 'Why?' in respect of transcendental matters. 'Why?' is only for worldly things. Reason is finite and frail. God only knows the 'Why?'. Realize the Self. Then you will get the answer. Then you will know the origin and the nature of Maya and everything.

Q. You would argue that we are never created and never would die. Then why should not we all be in that all-pure, omnipotent state without being entangled by Samskaras and Maya?
A. Questions like these are Ati-prasnas-- transcendental queries-- for which you will not get an answer even if you rack your brain for millions of years. Intelligent people leave questions such as the 'why?' and the 'how?' of the universe. If a small son questions his father, "Papa, how did you procreate me?", what answer will Papa give? He will simply say, "Wait. When you become a man, you will understand this point". This is exactly the case with you and several other new aspirants in whom the Light is trying to shine forth. Do not put the cart before the horse. Realize the Atma. Then you will understand these matters. At the present moment, apply yourself to solid Sadhana in earnestness and remove Mala, Vikshepa and Avarana. Do not enter into vain discussions and arguments on such matters. You can ask me questions on other points of philosophy. Wherever you go, you will get the same answer. Have you grasped my point?
Previous FAQs at

Look within. Learn to discriminate. Become wise. - Sri Swami Sivananda


SUKHASANA - Easy Sitting Pose - A Beginner Posture -

Sit in a simple, cross-legged position on your mat or on a cushion. Place the cushion just under the back of the buttocks to support the tail bone, keeping the sitz bones (two bones of the pelvis directly under the two hip sockets) in contact with the mat.
Support the knees with small cushions, if necessary.
Rest back of hands onto the knees.
Close the eyes.
Hands into Chin Mudra (option), bringing the tips of the index finger and the thumb delicately together. Hands are soft, yet aware.
Relax the shoulders and feel their placement is even and in line with the ears.
Inhale and Exhale.
The head should be tall, growing from the place between the shoulder blades.
The spine should feel as though it is expanding and lifting upward from the pelvis with each inhale breath.
Inhale through the nostrils. With the inhale, feel the belly expanding as the chest remains soft. With the inhale, feel the energy rising upward, at the same time as the body anchors the ground through the sitz bones.


Provides a firm, stable base to keep the energy centred
A comfortable sitting position for long meditations

This yoga tip from the new Sivananda publication - “Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion” – Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre - 2010. Other yoga tips at

Strength should not be the strength of gun and bank balance. It should be the invincible strength born of wisdom and discrimination.
- Sri Swami Sivananda

The waking experience we get through the five senses changes from moment to moment, depending upon your mental condition. When your mind is peaceful, calm and relaxed you consider your home to be very beautiful. - Swami Vishnudevananda


- [Sanskrit] -

MALA [Sanskrit] - impurities.

Another use for the word Mala: In Ayurveda: waste products of the body formed during metabolism, including urine, feces, mucus, and sweat.

Also, in meditation: Mala - 'garland' or 'necklace'. A Mala is a series of 16, 27, 54 or 108 meditation beads. A mala is often used for repeating a mantra or other forms of sadhana (spiritual exercise).

These two definitions will be explored in future Gurugrams. Today we concentrate on the definition of Mala as it relates to the impurities of the lower self.

AVARANA [Sanskrit] - covering; a veil over the consciousness, such that we cannot know that the consciousness is there. Due to this veil, we become incapable of knowing our true nature.

VIKSHEPA [Sanskrit] - distractedness. [vi - away, apart + kship to throw] The act of throwing away, dispersion, diversity; distraction, scattering.

Commentary from Swami Sivananda -

Avarana is the covering and Vikshepa is the distraction of the mind towards an object. Avarana becomes Vikshepa. Avarana is the cause, and Vikshepa is the effect. Karma can remove the Mala, the impurity, that is in the mind. Karma is performance of one's own prescribed duty, without the desire for any fruit therefrom. Worship and Contemplation of the higher Self removes the Vikshepa; the tossing, the distraction present in the mind. Only after removing these two defects can one take up the study of the Vedanta in order to remove the last defect, Avarana; the veil of ignorance.

Another example: We forget ourselves first, and then we become aware of others. We cannot be aware of others unless we first forget ourselves. These two cause and effect processes take place almost simultaneously.

Mala (impurity), Vikshepa (tossing), Avarana (veil of ignorance) are the threefold defects of the mind.
The mind is tossed about among objects of love and hatred like a light feather in a stormy wind. It ever whirls far and wide in vain among sensual objects away from the association with the wise, like a strolling city dog; but, no results accrue therefrom. This baneful mind whirls at the sight of its much-coveted immense wealth. It will flit in a moment from Howrah to Paris and from Colombo to Berlin. Not resting on any object firmly, it is characterised by an excessive fluctuating power. It will fluctuate and be confused, will flit away from an object and then return to it, will rejoice in vain and be intoxicated with Ahankara. A mind becomes a prey to fear through its fluctuation.
The mind should be rendered fit for salvation, fit to approach its Adhishthana (substratum), its father, Brahman. Remove the three Doshas.

Mala (such as Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya) is removed by doing Nishkama Karma. Mala also means sin.
Vikshepa is removed by Upasana, Trataka, Pranayama and Raja Yoga.

Avarana is removed by Jnana, study of Vedantic literature, Nididhyasana and Abheda-Chintana after duly understanding the right significance of the Mahavakya, "Tat Tvam Asi."

Study the nature of the mind. Analyse the mind carefully. Get rid of the three Doshas of the mind, viz., Mala, Vikshepa and Avarana. Purify the mind. Steady the mind. Fix the mind on God or Brahman. Get the mind dissolved in God by constant and intense thinking. Practice the Sadhana of Manonasa. Rise above the deceptions and temptations of the mind. This is your duty. You are born for this only; all other duties are self-created and self-imposed owing to Avidya or ignorance.

A complete Sanskrit Glossary can be found at:

Give up sensual life, if you do do not want death. - Sri Swami Sivananda


Chapter II: Sankhya Yoga

(Krishna speaking to Arjuna)

II.63. From anger comes delusion;
from delusion loss of memory; from loss of memory the destruction of discrimination; from the destruction of discrimination he perishes.

COMMENTARY: From anger arises delusion. When a man becomes angry he loses his power of discrimination between right and wrong. He will speak and do anything he likes. He will be swept away by the impulse of passion and emotion and will act irrationally.

Desire makes the mind impure. Annihilate all desires. At once the mind becomes pure. - Sri Swami Sivananda


Chapter III: "Vibhuti Pada - On Divine Powers"


'Through the constant replacement of disturbing thought waves by ones of control, the mind is transformed and gains mastery of itself'.

Commentary from Swami Sivananda:
Reaching the superconscious state is a matter of practice. If useless thoughts are eliminated the moment they appear, they are gradually weeded out.

Open thy heart. - Sri Swami Sivananda



This recipe appears in "The Yoga Cookbook" in the Yogic Feasts section. It is part of the "Picnic in the Sun" feast, a perfect choice for our Ashrams and Centres in the Southern Hemisphere. This recipe would also create a lovely appetizer for winter gatherings for those in the Northern climates this time of year. Wherever you are, the Sivananda kitchens all over the World send everyone blessings as we close this year 2012. And in turn, warm thoughts and much gratitude to those yogis who cook and serve in the Sivananda kitchens around the globe. Pranams.

Tofu Cubes Ingredients:
10 ounces firm tofu (pressed for 30 minutes to remove excess moisture)
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp tomato paste
½ tsp turmeric
Salt and Pepper to taste

Eggplant Balls Ingredients:
2 Tbsp butter
2 sticks celery, very finely chopped
1 large eggplant, finely diced
1 tsp tomato paste
½ tsp ground cumin
1 cup pumpkin seeds, toasted adn finely chopped
1 ¼ cups fresh whole wheat bread crumbs

Other ingredients for skewer:
1 green or red bell pepper cut into bite sized pieces
20-14 cherry tomatoes
Olive oil for brushing


1. Cut the tofu into bite size cubes and place in a dish.
2. Combine olive oil, tomato paste, turmeric, salt and pepper to create a marinade. Pour it over the tofu. Set aside for about 12 hours.
3. About 1/2 hour before you wish to eat, heat oven to 350F, or light the barbeque.
4. To make the meatballs, melt the butter in a pan, saute the celery over medium heat until soft. Add the eggplant and cook to a pulp. Stir in the tomato paste, cumin, pumpkin seeds and breadcrumbs.
5. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
6. Form the eggplant mixture into bite-sized balls.
7. Thread all the ingredients onto barbeque skewers, alternating tofu cubes, eggplant balls with pieces of green or red bell pepper and cherry tomatoes
8. Brush the vegetables with a little olive oil. Transfer them into the oven for 15-20 minutes, or onto the barbeque, turning the kabobs once or twice only during cooking.
9. Serve hot as main course or cold as an appetizer.

Previous Recipes:

Other recipes can be found in "The Yoga Cookbook- Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind - Recipes from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres"

God alone can free you from desires and fears. Pray for purity and courage.
- Sri Swami Sivananda


Dec 02 - Dec 29/12
TTC – English
Nassau, Bahamas

Dec 15/12 - Jan 13/13
TTC – English, Deutsch
Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Jan 04 - Jan 31/13
ATTC - English
Nassau, Bahamas

Jan 04 - Jan 31/13
TTC - English
Nassau, Bahamas

Jan 06 - Feb 03/13
TTC – English, Français, Deutsch, Espaňol, Русский,日本語, язык, فارسی
Neyyar Dam, Kerala, South India

Jan 06 - Jan 20/13
TTC - English
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Jan 06 - Feb 03/13
TTC - English, Español, Portuguese
Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Jan 06 - Feb 03/13
ATTC - English, Español, Portuguese
Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Jan 12 - Feb 10/13
TTC - English
Govinda Valley, Otford, NSW, Australia

Jan 20 - Feb 17/13
ATTC – English
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Feb 03 - Mar 02/13
TTC - Teachers Training Course – English
Nassau, Bahamas

Feb 11 - Feb 25/13
South India Yaatra
Neyyar Dam, Kerala, South India

Feb 17 - Mar 03/13
Ayurveda Wellness Course - English
Neyyar Dam, Kerala, South India

Feb 10 - Mar 10/13
TTC – English
Neyyar Dam, Kerala, South India

Feb 16 - Mar 17/13
TTC – English
Cu Chi, Vietnam

Feb 23 - Mar 24/13
ATTC – English, Français, Deutsch, Espaňol
Rudraprayag Himalaya Mountains, India

Feb 24 - Mar 24/13
TTC – English
Rudraprayag Himalaya Mountains, India

Feb 24 - Mar 24/13
TTC – English
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India

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If you want God, turn your back on worldly enjoyments.
- Sri Swami Sivananda



Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, Val Morin, Quebec, Canada

    Om Namah Sivaya! Greetings from the Headquarters.
    In end of October/early November, Swami Ambikananda and Radha joined us from the Yoga Ranch, arriving with Hurricane Sandy at their heels. The effects of hurricane could be felt as far north as the Yoga Camp. The high winds blew a tree came down at the entrance to the Camp and power fluctuated but thankfully remained on. Swami Shivabhaktananda and Chandrika went to give a talk at a conference in Quebec City. The staff painted and cleaned the Mataji Hall in preparation for the TTC starting on the 11th of November. The daytime temperatures dropped to around 0C. The staff went up to the Mariamman Temple for the last Pongala. We also had an Open House with eager and enthusiastic students. All the staff are well.

    Later in November, the last TTC of the year was kicked off with a Ganapathi Puja. We also celebrated Diwali with a big Indian feast and a Lakshmi Puja. Lakshmi's footprints could be found around the lodge. The evening concluded with fireworks. Our Temple priest, Harish, left for India as the Temple season drew to a close. Everyone watched a film about Swami Sivananda one eveining. The TTC continued strongly. All the staff are well. Salutations from all at the Camp. May all be well. Pranams for peace to all, from all at Yoga Camp Headquarters.

Sivananda Dhanwanthari Ashram, Neyyar Dam, Kerala, South India
    Om Namo Narayanaya!
    In early November the latest Yoga Vacation kicked off with a Ganapati homa and beginning of Bhagavad Saptah. Hari Hara Chaitanya was present to conduct this programme at the Ashram, as he has done for many years to commemorate Swamiji's Samadhi. The morning Satsangs were held to listen to the Bhagavad Saptah in the original Satsang hall, the Rama Hall, with many people sitting around outside. Rama Hall was filled with the sounds of recitation, chanting and bells throughout the entire days to follow. We are blessed to have Hari Hara Chaitanya and four assistants here for this week of divine stories. All staff were busy for TTC preparation and the change of pace after the low season. There has been a hive of activity with grounds cleaning, repairing and painting. The beautiful ten-foot Vishnu statue is now finished with umbrella and water fountain in the tea tree area. We happily welcomed several staff to help out with TTC as well as Ashram duties. Shambu, Mohini and children, Gopal, Raghurama and Shambavi from North America, Vyasa from Lebanon, Gayatri from Italy and Hamsa from Chennai Centre. We were also fortunate to have Swami Ramapriyananda and Swami Ananthananda with us for the initiation of this November TTC.

    Later in November, the first TTC of the high season started with a Ganapati Homa, initiating many students on their month-long journey with Swami Vishnudevenanda's teachings. We held our monthly free Ayurveda medical camp with 9 doctors present to attend to the 860 patients. As usual, things went smoothly due to the good coordination of the staff. Many students enjoyed a Friday day-off with a trip to the jungle and Meenmuti waterfall. Swami Mahadevananda, currently here in Neyyar Dam, made a flying visit to Madurai for their TTC graduation. Om Namah Sivaya from all the staff at Neyyar Dam. May Master and Swamiji bless us all.

Sivananda Ashram Kutir, Netala, Uttarkashi, North India
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    The beautiful high season has concluded at Netala. We were blessed with many vibrant energetic souls arriving for the teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda. Om.

Sivananda Ashram Chateau du Yoga, Orleans, France
    Om Namah Sivaya
    The annual closing time of the Ashram was during November, giving staff and karma yogis some increased time for personal sadhana. Renovations took place, painting the meditation room and the boutique, cleaning up the garden, and planting of many flower bulbs for the spring as well. At the end of the month, a group of guests arrived for a week on "Finding Purpose in Life". We continued to brainstorm on the 2013 brochure. Salutations to all. OM.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, California, USA
    Om Namah Sivaya
    The finish of the October TTC was celebrated with a beautiful graduation ceremony, led by Swami Sitaramananda, who shared many inspiring words of encouragement to all. Guru Puja was performed by Swami Pranavananda and Kailas Chaitanya. Swami Padmapadananda also offered words of inspiration. Students shared their appreciation for the teachings and the transformative power the TTC brought to their lives. The October TTC was a great success in Swamiji's continuing mission to bring peace to the world. The evening concluded with a Talent Show including an asana demonstration, poetry reading, story telling and TTC slide show! We said good bye to Mahadevi who returns to Germany after this one month of astounding service, leading the Hatha Yoga team.

    Later in November, we celebrated Diwali with a Puja in the evening to honour the return of Light, with the storytelling of Ramayana and the return of Lord Rama, Sita and Hanuman-ji. The Puja brought in wonderful energy to the Ashram, and all the staff felt lighter after the ceremony, especially after the full solar eclipse on that day. We offered the Permaculture Hands-on course, taught by Bill Wilson from Midwest Permaculture. The students completed some nice projects including building a few sheet-mulched beds in the garden. Other courses included a Hatha Yoga Beginners course, a Beginners Intensive weekend and a well-attended 9-day Meditation course and Thanksgiving symposium on Raja Yoga. Staff started to think about the annual play for Christmas, watching Mahabharata movie and looking for a script. Swami Sitaramananda went to SF Centre to teach for a weekend. Many staff took short leaves to visit families for the Thanksgiving Holidays. The remaining Staff and Karma yogis happily stay. The Fall weather is a little changing, with rain and cold alternating with beautiful sunny days. Om Shanti from the staff at the Yoga Farm.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch, Woodbourne, New York, USA
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    During late October and early November Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York State.  We had a full day to prepare for the storm.  Staff filled sand bags to hold down our new greenhouse, safely stored anything that could be thrown around by the winds, filled buckets with water, stocked up on batteries and flashlights, charged cellphones and hunkered down while the storm came through.  New York was hit hard by the hurricane and we lost power, water, heat, phones and Internet. There were many tragic events from this storm, and we count our blessings, by the Grace of Master and Swamiji, that we were only inconvenienced but not physically harmed.  The main Vishnu building has a generator so the staff were all moved into Vishnu where we had power and heat, for a few days only.  After running the generator for three days it stopped working.  Most of New York state was without power and it was a massive job to restore the power and clean-up after the wake of this storm.  Utility workers were brought in from throughout the United States and Canada to help in the effort. Our power was finally restored 5 days later.  We were without running water for an entire week as the generator to run the well pump was not able to supply sufficient power.  Staff took turns collecting water from a ground well that was dug with the original farmhouse 100 years ago.  A hand pump was set up and throughout the day staff would pump and carry in 5 gallon buckets of water that was boiled and then used for cooking, drinking and bathing.  Our dedicated staff would wake up at 4 am and start warming the water and bringing it to the bathrooms so we all had warm water to bathe with in the morning.  During this challenging time, the entire staff worked together tirelessly to maintain the operation of the Ashram, keeping the moral and purity of the Ashram uplifted.  We had the good fortune of generous neighbours, who had power, offering their homes to us for Internet use and showers. It was an opportunity for us to all come together as a community helping each other wherever there was need. The storm also opened our eyes to how we can become more self-sufficient.  We performed Pujas and akhanda kirtan to keep the spiritual energy raised. One there was water running through the pipes again, and the power back on, we began the clean-up effort to restore things back to normal.  Needless to say, we were not able to house guests that week, so are looking forward to be up and running in full swing again, eager to carrying on the teachings of Swami Vishnu.

    Later in November, we had a busy week filled with several Pujas, keeping the staff charged with powerful energy, celebrating Diwali in the candle-lit Krishna temple. Our Priest Anoop-ji performed a powerful Puja with beautiful chanting to the Divine Mother. The Arati was performed outside by the statue of Swami Vishnu, amidst the candle laden stairs. The next day a Puja was performed at Chandra's house, a long time devotee of Swam Vishnu and karma yogi of the Ashram. The next Friday night brought our last Devi Puja with the priest. We held a weekend program, entitled "Prana and Pranayama". Mahadev Chaitanya gave the workshops on prana and the benefits of pranayama. At the end of the weekend program most of the staff went into New York City for the New York Centre's Thanksgiving celebration. There was a very large turnout for the celebration, with abundant food, and hearts filled with gratitude. Om Shanti.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Nassau, Bahamas
    Om Namo Narayanaya, Blessed Selves
    Om Namah Sivaya. Pranams to all! Om.

Sivananda Ashram, Retreat House, Reith, Tyrol, Austria
    Om Namah Sivaya
    At the end of October a diverse and enthusiastic group of guests came for the special All Saints programme In Harmony with Nature. It included lectures on stress management, concentration and meditation, healthy diet and a cooking workshop. We also experienced an excellent guitar and flute concert with Tyrolian musicians Caroline Preissl and Mariana Auer. The following week started off with the Yoga and success in life program, examining positive character traits and how they enhance one's personality. The guest felt greatly inspired by the applicability of the mental exercises for developing will power and improving memory. Daily workshops in the yoga classes gave an in depth look at the main aspects of the yoga classes. The beginners' weekend attracted several new guests learning the basic principles of yoga, through step by step explanations in the yoga classes, lectures on stress management and tips how to integrate their yoga practice at home. At the end of the weekend we saw the start of a 4 week period, were we will be housing all guests in our guesthouse Kailash. Later on this month saw the return of Swami Ramapriyananda after a most recharging stay at the Neyyar Dam AshramWe are much blessed with a great team of karma yogis who are lovingly taking care of the house and cooking delicious meals. Fresh crisp air and glorious sunshine made for some beautiful and re-energizing walks. Highpoint of the week was the Diwali Puja with many lights. OM.

Sivananda Ashram Meenakshi Ashram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    All are well at the Ashram and conveying Peace and Pranams to the Sivananda family. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum, Berlin, Germany
    Om Namah Sivaya
    We had a very powerful second half of Navaratri with nice morning Pujas with more students ever. We finished the renovation of the cellar, which is looking very sattvic and focused on more small maintenance projects. The successful Open House brought us a good group of interested newcomers. Many students came to book for classes and courses. We celebrated Mahasamadhi of Swami Vishnudevananda with Puja, Mantras and stories about his life and teaching; that created wonderful mood connecting us with the core of the Sivananda mission. On the third weekend we went to our retreat place in Neu-Schönau. The students and staffs were enjoying yoga in the nature a lot, it gave everybody new prana and inspiration. The silent walks in the nearby surroundings were highly relaxing, as we have one day full of sun. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Om Namah Sivaya
    Om Namo Narayanaya. Hello from Buenos Aires. During mid-November, we had a good week, with all normal activities running as usual. Some new yoga teachers, who graduated one week ago in Merlo, started assisting the yoga classes. A nice new energy flowed in the Centre because many of these new yoga teachers are active practitioners. Some teachers and students were working on asanas demonstration, theatrical rehearsals and chorus practice for the Christmas Satsang. Jagadamba Chaitanya left for Uruguay to stay in the Montevideo Centre. Prem & Om to all.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chennai, India
    Om Namah Sivaya to all Blessed Selves from the Chennai Centre.
    In early November one highlight was Cyclone 'Nilam', which passed along the southern coast of India, reaching its peak at 8pm in the evening.  Despite high winds and rain, two students attended the evening 'Candlelight' class! The Centre was without power for 48 hours. The main impact was on plants and the garden, which are badly burnt by high winds carrying salt from near-by Bay of Bengal.  We said goodbye to Dr. J. Shalini who left the Centre to concentrate on her own Ayurveda Centre at home. We wish her all the best. We welcomed Dr. Smita and G. Joshi who seems very enthusiastic about joining our Sivananda Ayurveda Kendra. The Centre started a new weekend pre-natal class in response to demand from local pregnant women who are unable to attend a weekday class. We started our 6-week Weekend Beginners Course with a nice group of 10 students. In general, there seems to be increasing interest in Sunday Kids' Classes, giving us the opportunity to plant the seeds of yoga in young, open minds. May all be blessed and protected world-wide!

    Later in November, in the spirit of Diwali, the Centre celebrated the festival with fire-works and endless sweets, which were generously given by students. We were blessed to have Natarajan from Madurai Ashram, who is our guest for most of November. He taught Vedanta and Meditation. We continued our Vedanta lecture series with the topic 'The Mind-Its Nature & Control'. Swami Jnaneswariananda arrived from Madurai where she was leading the November TTC. She was here for one night before heading back to Milan. Students are showing interest in our Yoga 2 Course. This course showed to be very helpful for students transitioning from beginners' course to a regular daily practice.
    We all remained in good health and send pranams to all the Sivananda family.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chicago, USA
    Om Namah Sivaya!
    In early November we ran an early morning intensive course, starting at 6am, with a focus on pranayama and meditation. Other new courses started: Yoga 1, Yoga 2 and Positive Thinking, with good numbers of registrations.  We are pleased to welcome Sri Devi (from Japan) who was staff at the New York Centre and the Yoga Ranch, she will stay with us for a couple of weeks sharing her skills and knowledge of nutrition and cooking. We fitted new exterior lighting to our teaching annex so that the sidewalk area is brightened up at night.

    Later in November, we held an Open House event one Saturday and welcomed a small but sincere group who enjoyed their introduction to the Centre's activities. Sri Devi left the Centre to head back to Japan after a three week stay. Courses and classes went well, by Master's and Swamiji's grace. Pranams to all. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi from the Centre in Chicago.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dwarka Centre, Delhi, India
    Om Namah Sivaya
    The Centre's activities continued very well. Sending Pranams to all! Om Shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Nataraja Centre, Delhi, India
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    In early November we started two new Yoga 1 on Mondays. We welcomed Padma from Japan to be part of us for a month. One Saturday a group of Japanese students were taught by P.C.Kapoorji about the system of Yoga. Raghurama and Shambhavi travelled from Netala and stayed with us for a week before going to Neyyar Dam. The Centre went through a major clean up to welcome Swami Mahadevanada and Mani Chaitanya from the Thailand TTC. The Centre was decorated with flowers and lamps for a special Satsang. Many teachers and students attended the Satsang and many happy faces to see the high energy that transformed the foggy and smokey evening of the winter.

    Later in November, Diwali celebrations were a highlight. The Centre received many students visiting with sweets and flowers. All staff attended a beautiful Puja in the morning and a peaceful evening with oil lamps glowing around the Centre. Regular Satsangs were well attended by teachers and students alike. Cold mornings were still enjoyable. We cancelled the prenatal classes for few weeks while some basic cleaning work was in progress. We send our Pranams to all. Om Namo Narayanaya!

    TTC Thailand: The last week of TTC went very quickly as expected. A video show on different Ashrams worldwide was shown to the students. Decorated with oil lamps a high and energetic Devi Puja was performed on Wednesday. Students enjoyed two morning walks to the tea estate and other hills. On Thursday Swami Mahadevananda and many staff took time to visit the tigers and other places in Chiang Mai. After the examination a delicious feast was offered with Indian, Italian and traditional Thai cuisine. All enjoyed and appertained the hard work and effort of the chef and Kunda. Totally 66 student shave graduated and filled with joy and tears. Swami Mahadevananda has given the Final talk followed by Swami Sivananda audio on Practical ways to Self Realization. Swamiji has appealed the students to join in the Centres and Ashrams worldwide in whatever ways possible in order to keep up the connection and important of having Satsang at their own places. All translators energy and work was appreciated. A very highly organized and fun filled talent show was performed by many Japanese, Thai, chines and English students. They offered their gratitude to all teachers by their songs and dances. We said good bye to all as many students with tears and smile departed to share the peace and all what they have learned. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
    Om Namah Sivaya from the Geneva Centre
    Navaratri came to an end with a beautiful Vijaya Dasami-Puja leaving everyone grateful and satisfied. The Puja for Swami Vishnudevanandas' Jalasamadhi brought a few new students to the Centre and created a very peaceful and devotional atmosphere. An introduction to Meditation started and on a Saturdays we had two open days with attentive and open-minded groups of students. In a changing-room a new shelf was fixed to improve the boutiques' storage-space. The boutique was restocked with new books and cushions and the shelves have new labels, so it looks very rich and colorful now. Main focuses were the preparations for the Christmas-party, the work on the next brochure a photo-shooting with some of our teachers and close students for the next brochure where the photos turned out very nice. Another highlight was a cooking class. The group was quite big but very attentive and inspired to apply the principles of the yogic-vegetarian diet at home. All activities were well received. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Om Namah Sivaya
    In early November we opened several new Yoga 1 courses with a good number of students. The "Yoga for Stress Management" course continued to attract more students. We welcomed Hamsa, who will join the staff team for one month here. She is a teacher in LA who completed her TTC at the Yoga Farm in 2011. One Sunday, Swami Sita gave a skype Satsang to inspire teachers and students with many nice ideas about setting priorities and how to manage time. We also welcomed Danielle, a serious yoga student who was with us as a resident for a week. All was well by God and Guru's grace.

    Later in November, we continued to run the Yoga 1, Yoga 2, Yoga for Stress Management and Positive Thinking courses. One Saturday, we participated in the outreach program, Family Yoga Day, presented by the Dutch Lady milk company as a gift to their employees at the end of the year. Saraswati, Hamsa and seven other teachers went to support the event, teaching 20 minute yoga classes for children for the whole morning. Afterwards we took all the teachers to lunch together. One Sunday, we held a vegan baking workshop. The students were very grateful to learn healthy recipes for vegan baking. We had a special celebration for the Vietnam teacher's day. This is a holiday in Vietnam where all the teachers are honoured, so we had a big Satsang and dinner party for all the teachers of the Centre to say 'Thank You'. We showed the video of Swami Vishnudevananda's life with a powerpoint of Swamiji photos from young to old, and we talked about how Swamiji put all his love to build this Organization. It was very beautiful and uplifting and all the teachers said their thanks to Swamiji and being able to teach yoga because of him. We also showed the slideshow of photos of the teachers in the Centre. We presented all the teachers their gifts, with many thanks, and a short speech by Co My / Amba to tell about the upcoming projects that the Centre is working on, such as building of the 4th floor terrace classroom. All the teachers were happy and it was a great celebration. All is well, by God and Guru's grace. Pranams to all the Sivananda family.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, London, England
    Om Namah Sivaya
    In early November we we were blessed with a very successful Autumn Yoga Festival. There were many new students as well as regular students celebrating the spirit of Yoga. The free programme included Talks, Asana Demonstration, Taster Class, Asana Workshop, Vegetarian Cooking demonstration and TTC/Ashram Preview. The overall atmosphere was joyous, connecting us to the Masters and each other. The day ended beautifully with an inspiring and uplifting Homa. Half of those in attendance were new students who were all very inspired and grateful for the programme. We give our thanks and appreciation to the many Karma Yogis and residents without whose support and dedication we would not have had such a good Festival. Other activities included our Yoga 1 and Meditation half term intensives, a new Positive Thinking course, and two workshops on the theme "Yoga for the Back". Staff focused on planning and organising for the Yoga Festival, homa preparation and the upcoming Ayurveda programme. We celebrated Swami Krishnadevananda's 50th birthday, starting the day with a Puja. He left on Friday for the 35th Anniversary celebration in Paris.

    Later in November, after transforming the main Asana hall into a 4 station cooking space, the Ayurvedic cooking course proved very successful. Students were incredibly pleased with the practical and theoretical principles learned. Drs. Kulkarni's expressed how nicely surprised they were on the success of the course. We welcomed Sita from Hamburg for the further teachers' training weekend; "Yoga in Pregnancy". With 22 participants, including many teachers of the Centre, her lively lectures and workshop were much appreciated and enjoyed by all. Ganapathi taught 5 enthusiastic students for the Level 3 weekend intensive. Regular students are back in good numbers and are benefiting from the energy created by the courses. We ended with a beautiful and inspiring Deepavali Puja led by Swami Gayatriananda and Bhima joined by almost 50 outside students and teachers. Om and Prem to all.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Om Namo Narayanaya!
    In early November Swami Omkarananda was away at the Yoga Farm for TTC. Attendance improved as we had a very inspired and enthusiastic group for Open House one Saturday. We continued to explore options for moving the location of the Centre. Everyone is looking forward to a visit from Swami Sitaramananda. All are well, by God and Gurus' grace. Om Shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madrid, Spain
    Om Namah Sivaya, Blessed Selves!
    In November we had many special programs and events at the Centre. First were the Navaratri Pujas, performed by a South Indian priest, purifying and elevating the energy in the Centre. Swami Atmaramananda and Gopala participated in the inauguration of the new affiliated Sivananda Centre in Lisboa, Portugal, giving Satsangs and classes there with the asana halls filled to the brim. At the Centre, Swamiji gave a special residential course, Yoga and Success in Life, as well as Vedanta and Positive Thinking courses, all well attended and appreciated by the students. Also taking place was a sanskrit course and a TTC Preparation weekend, both attended by groups of sincere and devoted students. Finally, was the weeklong residential Ayurveda Cooking Course, given by Mr. and Mrs. Kulkarni, Ayurveda Acharyas from Pune, India. The course went very well, students were very happy. They especially appreciated the hands on cooking sessions, with four workstations which allowed them to cook and experiment together, all in a joyous and energetic atmosphere. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai, South India
    Om Namah Sivaya
    In early November we started a new evening beginner course on Mondays, with sufficient no of students. The first batch of Apollo Hospitals doctors and nurses was completed on Friday 2nd Nov. The feedback was overwhelming and many participants reported improvement in their long standing ailments. We requested one of the doctor participants to document the same and feed it back to the CEO. This has been done. The second batch commenced from 5th Nov. With 25 participant. We have so far completed five chapter of Gita. The six chapter will resume on 2nd December after Natrajan ji's Chennai visit from 9th to 26th Nov where he is due to give weekend talks on Vedanta and conduct Meditation course. All the classes and activities are going well and fine by the grace of God and our gurus. Pranams to all from the new Sivananda Centre Madurai. Come visit the new Centre soon.

    Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
    444, K.K. Nagar,
    East 9th Street,
    Madurai - 625 020

    Mobile: +91.9092240702

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Milano, Italy
    Om Namah Sivaya from all staff in Milano.
    Om Namo Narayanaya. Sending Pranams to all the Sivananda Family.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montevideo, Uruguay
    Om Namah Sivaya
    In early November we offered a workshop on Karma and reincarnation. We continued with the spread of local and international activities scheduled. We invited interested people to a yoga class and meditation, specially geared for beginners. They participated enthusiastically. Regular and pregnancy classes developed smoothly, as well as the Satsangs.

    Later in November, Spring arrived with very hot days. Kanti and Chandra came from Merlo's TTC where the workshop "Conquest of Anger" was held. Lalita took some days off and Jagadamba came to support us from Buenos Aires. A weekend intensive beginners course started. The boutique's stock inventory was taken. We keep on promoting Garopaba's TTC, Yoga Vacations, Yoga of the Heart and the Thai Massage Course, as well as working on the Centre's summer activities. Staff send pranams to the Sivananda Family.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Om Namah Sivaya
    By the grace of Swamiji and Master, everything was well at the Centre. In early November we had a concert one Friday evening with singer and guitar player Gaston Chouinard. It was intimate and cosy. On Sunday Satsangs we welcomed about 30 people. We held a regenerating yoga class as well as a yoga class for kids, both were well-attended. The weather continued to get colder here, with temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius. Pranams to all the Sivananda family from Montreal.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Munich, Germany
    Om Namah Sivaya from the Munich Centre!
    A highlight of November was a special programme with Swami Durgananda and Swami Sivadasananda who gave lectures, Satsangs and asana-workshops. Further special events were a cooking class with the topic "Sweet and Healthy Dishes" and a Sun Salutation Workshop. We celebrated the spiritual festivals of Divali and Swami Vishnudevananda´s mahasamadhi. The Centre will be open during the Christmas holidays and we will also have our traditional New Years Celebration. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina
    Om Namah Sivaya!
    Greetings from Patagonia, Argentina! Mid-November was very positive in the Centre, with the group of teachers are working dynamically to organize and clean and the Centre so auspicious. The influx of students is normal for this time of year, people are very well received and filled out sattvic attitude of mind and after taking classes or attending the Centre. A warm Spring day give positive encouragement to spiritual practice in SYVC Nq. We were joined by the team returning to work, Narayani Karma Yoga, after having returning from the TTC. His presence was jovial, full of prana and joy. It helped add energy and encouragement to the group of teachers and karma yogis at the Centre. One Saturday we had a staff meeting to address organisational and administrative issues. The results were favourable, with everyone feeling a lot of initiative, commitment and contentment in what takes to carry through with the Centre's activities. May the Gurus' blessings of be with us all. Pranams.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, New York, USA
    Om Namah Sivaya!
    In early November all the NYC staff send their gratitude for the kind emails, calls and concerns during last week's effects of storm Sandy. We are all very well and the Centre was Graced with no damage or flooding. On Friday evening the lights, heat and phones were revived, and there were great calls of joy amongst many of the city people. There is still great devastation throughout the affected areas and much work to be done for those who has lost there homes. We are offering a free evening class for the students for the next two weeks. We reopened the doors on Saturday and had a touching Satsang with Swami Sadasivananda. Many students were thirsting to return to the Centre, for the practice and Satsang. We are still without Internet, but make do with the easy access from other areas around the City. Sri Devi, left for Chicago where she will spend the last few days of her time in America. She will travel back to Japan and plans to return to the States next year. We are grateful for her service and especially for her delicious meals.

    Later in November, we continued to offer free evening classes, in courtesy of Storm Sandy, and had great turn outs with many new students. We held our bi-monthly Deaf Yoga class with 6 students, whom all stayed for a meal following the class. One weekend we prepared for Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration. Mahadev Chaitanya and several Ranch staff joined us for the evening. We celebrated with a beautiful and full Satsang of 105 students. Swami Sadasivananda lead us through inspired chants and a talk on the virtues of Gratitude and Humility. It was a festive evening and thanks to the efforts of the staff, karma yogis and teachers, we had a joyous evening. Other news: We were approved for a virtual network group, called, "Living Social". We were happy to be part of this marketing circulation, as it reaches about 35,000 in downtown Manhattan. We sent our pranams and blessings to Anoop ji, the priest, as he travels back to India. We were grateful for the beautiful Pujas and ceremonies he performed at the NYC Centre. We send our pranams to all the Sivananda family. Om Shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Paris, France
    Om Namah Sivaya
    A highlight of the month of November was the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Centre with a Yoga Festival during the weekend of Nov 2 to 4. Swami Durgananda and Swami Sivadasananda arrived on Thursday evening. Swami Krishnadevananda from London arrived on Friday morning. We started Friday evening with an Asanas class with Swami Sivadasananda followed by the evening Satsang with Swami Kailasananda on "Choosing the positive path". On Saturday we combined an open house with workshops on Meditation and Positive thinking and two very packed asanas classes taught by Swami Sivadasananda and Swami Krishnadevananda. We also had an introduction to vegetarian cooking in the reception area led by Suddha. On Sunday we served a free meal to all after the Yoga class. This was followed by a power point presentation on the history of the Centre from its beginning1977 to the present day. Swami Durgananda told stories of the very humble beginning of the Centre in a rented dance study, and how she was reading the French class from a sheet! Swami Durgananda led two very inspiring evening Satsangs on "How to Develop Peace in the World" and "The Secret of Joy", well appreciated by a large crowd of students. Swamis, staff and students felt very uplifted by the celebration and very grateful to be part of this inspiring mission of the Masters to bring yoga to all. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Porto Alegre, Brasil, South America
    Om Namah Sivaya from Brasil
    In early November we welcomed the arrival of a Karma Yogi from São Paulo. He helped at the garden and with the brochures, then left to Uruguay. Later, another Karma Yogi arrived from São Paulo who will stay for a week. Brasil had a holiday weekend so we got just a few students one weekend. Pranams, from all the staff at Porto Alegre Centre.

Centro Yoga Vedanta Sivananda, Rome, Italy
    Om Namah Sivaya, Blessed Selves
    Early November passed quietly. The weather was very rainy and there was the important All Saints Day holiday on November 1st, during which the city almost closes down for a few days. Rome was relatively empty during this time. We spent the time productively cleaning the Centre and preparing for new courses starting shortly. The staff are well and sending their pranams.

    Later in November, we are concentrating our energy on doing leaflet and poster runs both in the area and farther afield. It seems that students were prepared to travel across town, which was encouraging. We were happy to welcome Prahlad to the Centre on his visit to Italy as he spent some time here. The weather was eventually turned a little colder. Om Namah Sivaya to all the Sivananda Family!

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, San Francisco, California, USA
    Om Namo Narayanaya, Blessed Selves
    In early November two Positive Thinking and Meditation courses started. We continued with our other Yoga 2 and Wednesday night Gita Satsang, studying the 3rd chapter. We were blessed to receive Swami Sitaramananda, in town for a weekend of special programs and talks. Swamiji was featured in our monthly Night of Poetry and Music event, showcasing some of her own poetry before other members of the community shared their own offerings. Swamiji gave talks on the topics of Karma and Dharma, and the nature of Selflessness and ego, using personal example and individual self inquiry to help students see where they might be able to surrender a little bit more. We had a guest speaker, Chris Philpott, come and discuss his new book, Green Spirituality. Swamiji finished the week, giving a Q&A for Sunday Satsang. Pranams to all from San Francisco Centre.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Om Namah Sivaya
    Blessings and Peace to all the Sivananda Family from the Tel Aviv Centre.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tokyo, Japan
    Om Namah Sivaya, Blessed Selves
    In early November we put the heating and air steamers. Evening classes were very quiet. Tara, from Thailand TTC 2011, joined us as a full-time staff. We had a two-day Sanskrit and mantra workshop, by Sri Cetanaji one Saturday and Sunday, attended by twenty students. The whole of first day was spent learning the alphabets, and we were able to read and write the last part of Svasti Pathah and understand the meaning by the end of the second day. Om shanti. May the blessings of Master and Swamiji be with us all. Pranams and Peace to al the Sivananda Family.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Om Namah Sivaya
    In early November we had another extremely busy with with new Y1 and two new Y2 starting this week. Open classes continue to thrive with full capacity. Satsangs are well attended. Kids classes are in full swing with more new kids coming every week. On the weekend we had very busy and inspiring schedule, as we had our teachers meeting after a long gap with 27 teachers in attendance. We did Puja clean up of the Centre, group sadhana followed by lunch and discussion of teaching techniques and classes and program. On the same day Janaki gave a successful workshop on Yoga and Creativity, which was quite informative and inspiring. We have Masao, Bheeshma and Miki staying with us for few weeks.

    Later in November, we experienced one slow week at the Centre as far as the income goes, but classes and courses are running with full capacity. Kids classes and Satsangs are doing well. Prahlada left on Monday for Rome, with Mr. Trager, for some work on the Italian Ashram acquisition. We had Harisha the priest passing through Toronto on his way to India did a wonderful Pujas at the Centre which is attended by many of our students and temple devotees. We had lots of activity in registering and arranging logistics for the weekend retreat, with Durai Raj handling everything for the first time and doing a wonderful job. We had 35 participants. Prahlada arrived back from Rome and from airport straight went to Retreat place 2 hours north of Toronto. Two of our teachers, Lisa and Kanti, were the cooks for the retreat. All the students enjoyed the teachings and delicious meals. Every one left very happy and promising to go to Yoga Camp and other Ashrams. Our website was updated with new program for winter and spring. Peace and Pranams to all the Sivananda family. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, South India
    Om Namah Sivaya!
    By the grace of our Guru's all the activities of the Centre going on smoothly. We started two Monday Beginners batches with good number of students. The painting work of the Centre was completed and it gives a new and elegant look. We had a public Satsang with Swami Anantananda where he shared some of his experiences with Swami Vishnudevananda. By the grace of our Guru's, all the activities of the Centre continued smoothly. We celebrated Diwali with sweets and fire works. On Fridays we had a Ganapathy homas. On another Sunday we had a Satsang with Gopal Ji, at 6:00pm. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vienna, Austria
    Om Namah Sivaya
    In early November a number of new courses started, among them a meditation course, "expansion in the asana" and Y27. Because of All Saints Day we had a reduced schedule on that day which was used by the staff to finish some office projects and the evening we had an additional Satsang. We held an intensive weekend course called "Thought Power by Concentration" was well attended. Many students left Vienna for the long weekend. Still the Centre was well supported by the Karma yogis.

    Later in November, we celebrated Divali Puja. Altar, Meditation Room and
    Asana Hall were decorated and illuminated very beautifully with countless candles for this occasion. Many students came to take part in this celebration. The Centre has been very busy with a successful cooking class for quick vegetarian dishes, attracting 14 participants. Then we had a first rehearsal for the theatre play for our Christmas party on 8th of December. Also a Yoga 1 crash course started, which was also well attended. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Om Namah Sivaya, from Vilnius
    In early November we had less students due to a public holiday, when the Centre was closed. Many students took the opportunity to go away for a long weekend. Swami Atmaramananda prolonged his stay in order to advance some projects in the Centre. Some important meetings were held with the owner, the accountant and at the bank. The 3-year lease at the present place is finished hence, the search for a new place for our Lithuanian Sivananda Centre started.

    Later in November, we started with a small yoga 1 course alongside a positive thinking course. The Divali celebration went beautifully with a quiet group of students chanting lots of kirtans, mantras and dynamically participating in the Puja. Our work study, Sudan, helped very well for two weeks then left for his family. OM.

Meditate and feel the living Presence within and around you. - Sri Swami Sivananda

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