Daily Quotes and Sutras

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter II: Sankhya Yoga

(Krishna speaking to Arjuna)
II.13. Just as in this body the embodied (soul) passes into
childhood, youth and old age, so also does it pass into another
body; the firm man does not grieve thereat.
COMMENTARY: Just as there is no interruption in the passing of
childhood into youth and youth into old age in this body, so also
there is no interruption by death in the continuity of the ego.
The Self is not dead at the termination of the stage, viz.,
childhood. It is certainly not born again at the beginning of the
second stage, viz., youth. Just as the Self passes unchanged from
childhood to youth and from youth to old age, so also the Self
passes unchanged from one body into another. Therefore, the wise
man is not at all distressed about it.

Daily Quote

The means of escaping from this endless Samsara are self-restraint, purity, devotion, aspiration, reflection and meditation.

Raja Yoga Sutra

Raja Yoga Selection Number 80, for Saturday, October 25, 2014

[from Discourse II: "Sadhana Pada- On Spiritual Disciplines"]
'The states of the three gunas are gross, fine, manifest and unmanifest'.

The three qualities pervades all of nature, whether in the elements
of the earth or in the subtler matters of mind and spirit.

'The Seer is pure consciousness only, and though pure, he appears to see
through the mind'.

The Seer is the Self, or Purusha. It is untainted, pure, and without
qualifications, but is reflected through the intellect of individual
consciousness and is colored by 'sattwa', 'rajas', and 'tamas'. It is
veiled, appearing to have attributes, but in fact, it is Absolute
Consciousness itself.

Weekly Poem

I am a peace-maker,
I have come to reconcile,
I belong to the brotherhood of all.
I disseminate the message of love and peace,
The message of unity and goodness.
I sing the song of oneness,
The song of "Be Good, do Good",
The song of "Soham, Sivoham,
Satchidananda Svarupoham".

(a) Soham - I am
(b) Sivoham - I am Siva
(c) Satchidananda - Absolute Existence, Knowledge, Bliss
(d) Svarupoham - I am the Self and Soul

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