Daily Quotes and Sutras

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter :

32. Ye twetad abhyasooyanto naanutishthanti me matam;
Sarvajnaanavimoodhaam staan viddhi nashtaan achetasah.

(Krishna speaking to Arjuna)
'But those who carp at My teaching and do not practise it,
deluded in all knowledge and devoid of discrimination, know
them to be doomed to destruction.'

33. Sadrisham cheshtate swasyaah prakriter jnaanavaan api;
Prakritim yaanti bhootaani nigrahah kim karishyati.
'Even a wise man acts in accordance with his own nature;
beings will follow nature; what can restraint do?'

COMMENTARY: Only the ignorant man comes under the sway of
his natural propensities. The seeker after Truth who is endowed
with the 'Four Means' and who constantly practises meditation,
can easily control Nature if he rises above the sway of the
pairs of opposites, like love and hate, etc.
Note: the 'four means' are as follows
* Vairagya - dispassion or detachment
* Viveka - discernment between reality and untruth
* Mumukshutva- desire for liberation
* Shatsampat - the six divine virtues

Daily Quote

Transcend the mind(Manas) and the intellect(Buddhi).

Raja Yoga Sutra

Raja Yoga Selection Number 7, for Saturday, August 18, 2018

[from Chapter I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"]
'At that time (when the thought waves are stilled), the perceiver
rests in his own true nature.'

Commentary: That state of pure consciousness is achieved when the mind
is no longer modified by the activities of thought waves. When the
waves of a lake are stilled, one can see the bottom clearly. Likewise,
when the 'vrittis' of the mind subside, one's essential nature
(swaroopa) becomes evident. When the mind's agitation stops, the world
no longer exists for the meditator, for he is in union with the Self.

Weekly Poem


I stand on the heights of the Vedantic hill.
I entered the heart of Bhuma or the Infinite Wisdom.
Master of destiny am I.
No evil, no human element, no pain, no sorrow is here.
there is infinite good, perfection and freedom,
Perennial joy, supreme peace and sweet harmony,
It is the land of fullness, happiness and felicity.
The law of cause and effect does not operate here.
There is neither sunrise nor sunset here,
It is all eternal sunshine and effulgence.
There is no smell of mind, egoism or intellect here.
The senses are burnt to ashes.
Pure consciousness reigns supreme.
There is neither 'I' nor 'you' nor 'he',
Neither 'here' nor 'there' neither 'today' nor 'yesterday'.
It is an abode of Ananda Ghana, Vijnana Ghana, Prajnana Ghana.

a) Vedanta - 'End of Vedas', teaching of Non-Duality Oneness
b) Ananda Ghana, Vijnana Ghana, Prajnana Gnana -
Massive Bliss, Incredible Realization, Awesome Knowledge.

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