Daily Quotes and Sutras

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter II: Sankhya Yoga

(Krishna speaking to Arjuna)
II.66. There is no knowledge of the Self to the unsteady and to
the unsteady no meditation is possible, and to the unmeditative
there can be no peace, and to the man who has no peace, how can
there be happiness?
COMMENTARY: The man who cannot fix his mind in meditation cannot
have knowledge of the Self. The unsteady man cannot practise
meditation. He cannot have even intense devotion to Self-knowledge
nor can he have burning longing for liberation or 'Moksha'. He
who does not practise meditation cannot possess peace of mind.
How can the man who has no peace of mind enjoy happiness?
Desire or 'Trishna' (thirsting for sense-objects) is the
enemy of peace. There cannot be an iota or tinge of happiness for
a man who is thirsting for sensual objects. The mind will be ever
restless, and will be hankering for the objects. Only when this
thirsting dies, does man enjoy peace. Only then can he mediatate
and rest in the Self.

Daily Quote

This world is an inn. Start your homeward journey. Your original home is Param Dhama, Immortal Abode of Brahman.

Raja Yoga Sutra

Raja Yoga Selection Number 129, for Thursday, July 20, 2017

[from Discourse III: "Vibhuti Pada- On Divine Powers"]
'From this can also be explained the disappearance of sound and other
physical phenomena'.

'Karma may be either dormant or active; by performing samyama on both, and
through omens, the yogi may know the time of death'.

'(By performing samyama) on friendliness (mercy, love etc. ), their
strengths are gained'.

Weekly Poem


O free, O gloriously free,
Am I in freedom from birth and death,
From pain, sorrow, Karma and Nescience;
All that dragged me back is rent asunder.

How free am I,
How thoroughly free from cares and anxieties!
It is the grace of the Lord.
I am purged now of all impurities,
I dwell in the abode of silence,
Nothing can disturb or distract me.

I have won, I have won!
The wave of bliss sweeps over me now,
The breath of freedom sweeps over me now.
Nityamukta Svarupoham,
I am eternally free Rasa or essence.

No bending, no kneeling,
No "Good morning, Sir",
No "Ji Huzur, sir",
No "Obedient servant",
No "I beg to remain";
But I am Emperor of the three worlds,
Atma Samrat, Svarat, Self-king.

Suddhoham, Buddhoham, Niranjanoham,
Samsara Maya Parivarijitoham.
Pure, fully illumined, spotless,
Free from the taints of Samsara am I.

a) Karma - Cause and Effect
b) Nitaymukta Svarupoham - I am the Eternally Liberated Self
c) Rasa - Essence
d) Atma Samrat, Svarat - Self King.
e) Suddhoham, Buddhoham, Niranjanoham - I am Purity, Wisdom, Perfection
f) Samsara Maya Parivarijitoham - I am victorious over the illusion world of rebirth

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