Daily Quotes and Sutras

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter I: The Yoga of Arjuna's Despondancy

I.5. (Duryodhana to Drona describing the Kuru army)
"Dhrishtaketu, Chekitana and the valiant king of Kashi, Purujit
and Kuntibhoja and Saibya, the best of men."

I.6. "The strong Yudhamanyu and the brave Uttamaujas, the son of
Subhadra(Adhimanyu, the son of Subhadra and Arjuna), and the sons
of Draupadi, all of great chariots(great heroes)."

Daily Quote

The objects of the world act as intoxicants. Money is opium. Man to woman, and woman to man, is wine. Position is Ganja(Marajuana). Power is brandy. Landed property is champagne.

Raja Yoga Sutra

Raja Yoga Selection Number 2, for Sunday, April 26, 2015

[from ]
Raja Yoga, as a system for probing the mind, is not one to be practiced
by one person on another. It is a method of self-inquiry that takes
the individual through personal changes, step by step. Its essence was
written down by Patanjali about 2000 years ago. He wrote in a simple
and lyrical style, so that the 'sutras', or aphorisms, could be easily
understood and committed to memory.

Weekly Poem


In the perfect nameless, formless void,
In the unlimited expanse of bliss,
In the region of matterless, mindless joy,
In the realm of timeless, spaceless stillness,
In the infinite zone of speechless, thoughtless peace,
In the transcendental abode of sweet harmony,
I united with the Supreme Effulgence.
The thought that we are one or two vanished.
I crossed the sea of birth for ever.
This is all due to the grace of the Lord
Who danced in Brindavan with rythmic jingle,
Who raised Govardhan as umbrella for the cowherds.

a) Brindivan - Birthplace of Krishna, in Northern India
b) Govardhan - Mountain lifted by one of Krishna's fingers

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