Class Descriptions
Open The Sivananda Open Class is vigorous yet relaxing class with the emphasis on deep breathing, relaxation, and concentration. This traditional and classical session of training starts with initial relaxation (Shavasana), followed by breathing exercises (Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma), six sets of sun salutation (Surya Namaskara), the standard program of 12 basic postures (Asanas), and the final relaxation. A class lasts 90 minutes, and allows for some variation as given by the teacher. Not suitable for complete beginners; all students are advised to take a beginners' course before attending an open class. See: Beginner's Courses


1.5 hour class: offers more variations, deeper stretches and is a bridge between the open class and the
advanced class.
Advanced 2 hour class: in this class the postures are held for longer and variations are explored. We recommend taking the Yoga 2 (intermediate) and/or Yoga 3 (advanced) level courses as preparation, as well as maintaining a daily home practice.
Free Trial For students who are new to Yoga or to the Sivananda practice. The class lasts one hour and fifteen minutes and provides and ideal introduction to the center. For further in-depth instruction we recommend the Yoga 1 Beginner course.
Prenatal Yoga can help you to have a better pregnancy and delivery. This class offers a gentle series of postures with adapted postures, breathing, and visualizations. Class runs 6:15-7:30pm, Fridays.
Español El clase Sivananda en Español. Abierto para todos!
Satsang Satsang is a group meditation followed by devotional chanting and an informal talk on the practical philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta. The length of the evening satsang is usually around 90 minutes and the morning satsang is usually around 60 minutes. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before start. Kirtan (chanting) books are provided to help you follow and participate in the kirtan. The program is free and open to all. First time participants welcome.

1 Hour

Although some postures may be omitted, this one hour class provides a complete practice session with breathing exercises, asanas and relaxation.

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Satuday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 3:30pm - 9pm

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