Workshops & Courses

Deep Relaxation Workshop with Bhagirathi

This relaxation workshop is based on breathing and visualization exercises. Practiced while laying down, it induces a state of awareness and emotional balance that can open the doors to the unconscious.

October 14th:
Saturday, 13 h – 15 h
Members/students : 18 $
Non members : 20 $
Beyond Pain Yoga Back Care with Kumari

Pain? Sciatica? Back issues?
  Yes, you CAN move! 
  • Experience an active yoga practice that is deeply nurturing, calming and relaxing.
  • Explore movement within your own unique comfort zone.
  • Enjoy a new connection with your back and body
  • Gain insight into the next step on your life journey
Includes key back care exercises, restorative poses and a healing yoga nidra session
PLUS biographical self-work, imagery & visualization, sound and pranic self-healing
Home practice hand-outs.
Mini-workshop – more than just a class

November 17th:
Friday: 6 – 9pm

Members/students: $40
Non-members: $50

Advance registration required. Full payment upon registration.
To register: call 514-279-3545 or email

Make your own Creams and Lotions with Gita

Workshops of fun, creativity and health to learn how to easily make your own natural lotions and creams.

Using only natural ingredients and essential oils, Gita will share easy recipes for you to use at home for yourself and gift ideas for friends and family. Each participant will receive a sample to take home.

November 18th:
Saturday, 11h – 14h

Members/students: $30
Non-members: $35

Make your own Mala Workshop

Pierre Corviane offers a workshop where you will learn more about the symbolism of malas and grains used to make them. In addition to making your own mala you will also learn how to use it as a tool for your spiritual practice.

Mala consists of 108 beads and ends with the Meru, the bead at the end of the mala, representing the 109th bead. Each bead is a repeated mantra. The Meru is the sign we’ve repeated the mantra 108 times.

Mantras are sacred formulas or the names of the Divine. They may be general or personalized. A mantra can be selected simply by affinity or be assigned by a spiritual master during an initiation ceremony.

The meditation technique also called Japa mala, is very powerful. The repetition of a mantra or personal mantra puts us in connection with the divine and helps develop our intuition.

Materials provided to participants.

Date: November 18th, Saturday 11 – 2pm
Cost : $ 50 non-members / $ 55 members and students

Subscription at or at 514 279 3545

Hip Opening Workshop

Warm up with sun salutations and learn simple stretches/postures to release the tension in your hips. Especially useful for those who spend hours working at a desk or sitting.

December 2nd:
Saturday, 11 – 12.45 pm

Members & students: $18
Non-members: $20


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