Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

I remember the first day I saw the door of the Sivananda Montreal Center. It was on Sunday, late in the afternoon, at night, it was winter. From the street the center looked so nice, so peaceful, so warm, so cocooning. When I got in, there was an amazing cookie’s smell ! The person who was at the reception was so lightful and warm. She invited me to stay for the satsang and for the meal. When the director saw me he presented me new people. He was so kind.

Since I arrived in Quebec, the Sivananda Center has been my refuge. I found my spiritual family. After two years as a karma yogi, I am nowadays temporary staff for few months in Montreal and the ashram in Val Morin. I can finally feel a sense of belonging, rise myself and contribute on a peace mission. Parimala.


Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Montreal

5178, St-Laurent blvd
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 1R8
(between Laurier and Fairmount)


(514) 279 3545

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