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yoga mats

Classic Asana Mat
This compact, durable, non-slip mat is machine washable, lightweight and portable - ideal for both home and class practice.
Size: 186cm x 61cm.
Price: £18

Classic Mat - Blue   code: 55200
Classic Mat - Turquoise/Aqua   code: 24885
Classic Mat - Hot Pink   code: 5549
Classic Mat - Orange   code: 85293
Classic Mat - Purple   code: 1345
travel mat  code: 46094 Price: £14.95
Yoga Travel Mat
This travel mat is very thin and ideal for squeezing into cases or bags. It should be used on top of a carpet or blanket. Size: 184cm x 60cm - Folded size: 25cm x 16cm - Colour: White only.
yoga mat bags

Yoga Mat Bags
These zipped Yoga Mat Bags are made with waterproof, washable fabric and have black adjustable straps. They have an inner zipped detachable pouch for keys/wallets/valuables.
68cm x 14cm / Price: £19.95

Yoga Mat Bag- Dark Blue   code: 14068
Yoga Mat Bag - Brown   code: 90227
Yoga Mat Bag - Pink   code: 18581
Yoga Mat Bag - Burgundy   code: 84113
Yoga Mat Bag - Blue   code: 95800
Yoga Mat Bag - Red   code: 34024
Other Incense     Yoga Mats
Eye Pillow  code: 61402 Price: £7.50
Eye Pillow
Excellent to use during relaxation.
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