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Sure Ways for Success in Life and God Realisation  code: 20053 Price: £7.95

Sure Ways for Success in Life and God Realisation

This book is universally proclaimed as a masterpiece of Swami Sivananda. A valuable guide on how to put the yoga precepts into daily practice. Such study and practice bestows peace, prosperity, health and happiness.

Bliss Divine  code: 20045 Price: £14.95

Bliss Divine

A book of spiritual essays on the lofty purpose of human existence and the means to its achievement. This book provides a wonderful overview on all aspects of Yoga and spirituality from A to Z.

Mind - Its Mysteries & Control  code: 20061 Price: £8.95

Mind - Its Mysteries & Control

An undisciplined mind makes a man a slave and unhappy. Controlling and subduing the mind is the most challenging problem for the spiritual seeker. This book is a comprehensive guide to the many techniques used in the various paths of Yoga for achieving self mastery.

Sadhana  code: 20037 Price: £14.95

A Textbook of the Psychology and Practice of the techniques to Spiritual Perfection.

A book for serious aspirants to inspire and awaken them to the deeper realms of yoga.
It offers a comprehensive list of methods prescribed for physical, mental and spiritual development. A must for all serious students of yoga.

Concentration and Meditation  code: 52007 Price: £8.95

Concentration and Meditation

A compact and exhaustive treatise on the two practices that form the inner core of yoga.
Down-to-earth and intensely practical, this is a step-by-step guide to the central pivot around which all spiritual practices revolve.

What becomes for the Soul after Death  code: 31713 Price: £6.95

What becomes for the Soul after Death

“What becomes of the soul after death?” is an eternal quest of man since time immemorial. The soul is immortal. Life on earth is a halting place on the way to the achievement of the goal of life. Death is not the end of life, but is a process of changing the instrument of experience. The other side of death is scientifically examined and carefully described in the book by Swami Sivananda.

Yoga Asanas  code: 20088 Price: £5.95

Yoga Asanas

This book provides clear instruction in the practice of Yoga Asanas (physical exercises) with extensive illustrations. It helps to establish a solid foundation in the practice of Yoga for the overall development of body and mind.

Essence of Vedanta  code: 33345 Price: £6.95

Essence of Vedanta

Vedanta is the crest-jewel of all schools of philosophical thought. Its philosophy is sublime and universal proclaiming the essential unity of existence or oneness of consciousness.

This book provides clear explanations and techniques which shed light
on this vast topic of Yoga.

Practice of Nature Cure  code: 90470 Price: £8.95

Practice of Nature Cure

Simply written, yet thorough and in-depth enough for medical and holistic practitioners, this authoritative guide to Ayurvedic medicine outlines the natural secrets to healing, prevention and longevity. This book is preceded by the already well known works “Health and Happiness”, “Health and Hygiene” and “Health and Diet” by Swami Sivananda.

Sivananda Lectures  code: 77575 Price: £12.95

Sivananda Lectures

Recently republished, this book is absorbing narration of Swami Sivananda’s All-India and Ceylon Tour of 1950, containing transcriptions of the many talks given by this great Master. They reveal the heart or Swami Sivananda through his invaluable, inspiring and instructive precepts, lesson and teachings. Anyone wishing to lead a divine life of spiritual richness and selfless, unattached activity is sure to find the book invaluable.

thought power  code: 8170520118 Price: £6.95

Thought Power

A simple, straightforward but enormously powerful book that guides and instructs the reader in the practicalities of controlling thought. Chapters on the philosophy, law and dynamics of the power of thought precede those on practical exercises on how to develop the will and rid oneself of negativity.

Conquest of Mind  code: 8170520606 Price: £8.95

Conquest of Mind

Swami Sivananda describes the yogic psychology to conquer the mind, and to attain peace and self-knowledge.  A masterpiece on the function of the mind and the techniques for self mastery.

Hatha Yoga  code: 44159 Price: £5.95

Hatha Yoga

Among all the systems of physical exercises, Hatha Yoga practised and prescribed by the ancient Rishis and sages stands unrivalled and unique. It is the most perfect system. Brain, muscles, nerves, organs, tissues are toned and energised. All chronic diseases are rooted out. It deals with Shat Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and exercises on concentration and meditation.

Health and Diet  code: 8170521831 Price: £6.95

Health and Diet

Swami Sivananda was a doctor before he embraced the holy order of Sannyasa. Even before he began his medical career, he enthusiastically conducted a medical journal called “Ambrosia” in which he published regularaly articles on health and hygiene, diet and healing.

Health and Happiness  code: 8170520347 Price: £3.95

Health and Happiness

This book gives a detailed and comprehensive idea about the fundamental laws of health and hygiene. It provides the key to real happiness, which can be achieved only through radiant health of body, mind and soul.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses  code: 817052184X Price: £5.95

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

The conception of the names and forms of the various Deities in Hindu mythology is grand, sublime, unique. Every detail connected with every Hindu god and goddess has its inner meaning, its esoteric significance.


How to Cultivate Virtues and Eradicate Vices  code: 8170520592 Price: £6.95

How to Cultivate Virtues and Eradicate Vices

The keynote of the teachings outlined here is righteousness in thought, word and deed. Outlining the essentials of moral and ethical life the reader is led to awareness of unethical behaviour.

Japa Yoga  code: 8170520185 Price: £3.95

Japa Yoga

Japa is the repetition of Mantras and is considered to be one of the most potent and efficacious practices for attaining peace of mind and Self realisation. The book provides a thorough explanation of the theory and practices of Japa Yoga.

lives of saints  code: 8170520959 Price: £7.95

Lives Of Saints - Swami Sivananda

A rich treasure trove of uplifting spiritual biographies by Swami Sivananda.
The subjects have been drawn from every religious tradition and the lives under study have been written about from a spiritual perspective, resulting
in a truly uplifting biographical work.

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