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Beginners' Courses  

This is the best place to start for learning the yogic exercises (postures).
This course takes a step by step approach for developing strength, flexibility, good breathing habits, concentration and relaxation.

Each session will introduce the fundamental principles of Yoga.

The course in structured in a variety of ways:
twice per week, once per week, 4– day and weekend intensives.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Mats can be purchased in our Yoga Shop. It is recommended to follow this course with the intermediate Yoga 2 as a thorough preparation for drop– in classes.

• Starting point for learning
  the Asanas (postures)

• Step by step approach to increase
  strength and flexibility

• Develop proper breathing habits,
  concentration and relaxation

• Introduction to the 5 points
Mons & Weds 6.30 – 8pm 20 Feb – 7 March
Once/Twice per week: Members £50 / Non-members £63
4– day intensives: Members £32 / Non-members £44
Weekend Intensives: Members £61 / Non-members £82.50

  New dates to be announced very soon!

New dates to be announced very soon!
Continuing your Practice
After completing the Yoga 1 Beginners Course, it is suggested to continue with the Yoga 2 and Yoga 3 Courses to develop and improve upon your practice. You can also participate in our Intensives Courses.
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Once/Twice per week
4– day intensives
Weekend Intensives
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