Yoga IV - Advanced

This is a natural continuation for those who have completed Yoga 3. The level of this course will be determined largely by the ability of the students enrolling. In addition to the regular routine, emphasis will be on improving the more challenging asanas, which were introduced in Yoga 3, plus adding more advanced variations.

Yoga 4 is an 8-session course consisting of two 90-minute classes, twice a week. Completion of Yoga 3 is required before enrolling in Yoga 4.

The Course will Include

  • Emphasis on correct body alignment
  • Holding postures for longer
  • Advanced variations on the basic 12 in addition to other advanced postures
  • $91 members, $110 non-members.

    Pre-registration is required. Click here for details.

    Yoga IV Starting Dates:

    Dates to be announced



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