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A View of Our Boutique

L.A. Center Boutique

Hello and Welcome to The Sivananda Boutique and Bookstore.
This section is being re-constructed. Many of the prices listed are incorrect (but close), and some of the information is obsolete. We offer many items, including apparel items, artwork, etc., not listed here. Thank you for your patience.

Please contact us directly while the on-line store is under construction. During this construction period, please contact us for prices, product availability, and to order. We are happy to ship to you anywhere! You may place a credit card order by phone - 310-822-9642, fax - 310-301-4214 or email. The re-vamped store will have secure on-line ordering. For Los Angeles locals and visitors, the store is located in the lobby of the center. Please stop in and browse.

You are encouraged to visit or contact the center with any questions.

little selection of items offered

List of Items Available

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If you live in California add 10% for shipping/handling and 8.25% sales tax. For the continental U.S., add only 10% for shipping/handling. If you live in Hawai, Canada or Mexico the shipping and handling add up to 20%. Other countries please add 30% for shipping/handling.

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