Yantra (Sacred Geometry) Painting Workshop

Yantra painting is a sacred art, based on the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures of knowledge and wisdom.


This workshop will be led by Rajeshwari, who learned Yantra painting from Dutch master artist, Pieter Weltevrede. We invite you to discover the delights of constructing and painting your own Yantra and the good news is that you donít need to be an artist! We will provide paper and some tools, but please bring a sharp lead pencil, an eraser, ruler and compass if you have one.

The act of drawing and painting Yantras is a deeply meditative experience and it teaches the mind how to concentrate, how to be one-pointed. This practice is fascinating and absorbing and creating a Yantra can yield valuable lessons. Yantra drawing requires accuracy, exactness, discipline, concentration, neatness and patience. The geometrical forms of the Yantra activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which is visual and nonverbal.

Especially for Westerners, who are more left hemisphere dominated and are deficient in right hemisphere education which causes some loss of imagination and of faith in higher values. Right hemisphere education through art, dance and music is needed to restore the balance. By coloring and drawing the geometrical Yantra diagrams, based on the mathematical perfection of sages of the East, Westerners can make both their hemispheres work simultaneously and calmly, achieve faith and live in constant awareness.

Yantras are visual patterns and are expressions of primal mathematical relationships involved in the structure, creation and dissolution of the universe. They are gateways to a mythical world and have a direct and immediate effect on the emotions and the holographic vibrations that govern our existence, individual perceptions and worldview. As a tool, Yantra is used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, and can help you to go beyond the normal framework of the mind.

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday, February 15
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Suggested Donation: $30 Members/$40 Non-members
(including materials)

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