Want a taste of what a course is about before signing up? Then maybe our one day workshops are just what you are looking for. Workshops differ from courses in that they are single class events. We offer the following:
Headstand Workshop - Learn how to master one of the most important yoga postures. Open to both beginners and to all those who wish to improve their headstand. more>>
Special Advance Yoga Class with Vishnuprem - Improve your practice through deeper exploration of the Asanas. This special advanced Hatha yoga asana workshop will focus on advanced variations of the basic 12 asanas as well as more advanced asanas. more>>
Pranayama Workshop - This workshop intensive will include both theory and practice on one of the most powerful tools in Yoga - the science of breath. more>>
Kriya Workshops - Kriyas are very ancient Yogic cleansing techniques which help remove toxins and impurities from the body. This workshop will outline the six main Kriyas and includes a practical demonstration. more>>
Bhakti Yoga Workshop - Learn about the yoga of love and devotion. How to cultivate relationships without attachment to the topic being studied. more>>
Vegetarian Cooking Workshop - Learn to cook a 5-course vegetarian feast! more>>
Meditation Workshop - A concise introduction to the theory and practice of meditation. This one-class workshop summarizes the main points of the Meditation 1 course. more>>



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