Repurpose Old Clothes

Revive an old favorite shirt by adding a ruffle or pattern of beads or buttons. Transform a skirt into a sweet sundress for your daughter. Or simply make a yoga mat bag from the pant leg of a tired pair of jeans! Bring a sack of clean, old clothes to donate, then mix and match with other finds and let your creativity flow. There will be folks on hand to help with designing, cutting, pinning and sewing. We welcome donations of buttons, beads, ribbons, accent fabrics, elastic, etc.

Bonus demonstration: reclaimed fabric baskets! Recycle old clothing, sheets, or pillow cases into a fabulous fabric basket. Bring cotton, cotton blends, scissors, and plenty of cotton blend clothesline and some binder clips for this project. If you want to prepare in advance, cut fabric into 1 x 18" (or longer) strips, on the bias.

No sewing experience necessary. Children welcome with a parent.
Free event. Donations encouraged.

Saturday, August 24, 1:00-5:00pm

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