Open House - Free and Open to All

An opportunity to become familiar with Yoga, our courses and workshops, and the peaceful way of life practiced here at the Center. This event is free and suitable for total beginners.

Introduction to the practice and theory of Yoga and Meditation. Sow the seeds for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Find out what yoga is and how if affects the body, mind and spirit.

*This a 2-1/2 hour workshop held at 1:00pm, the first Saturday of each month.*

Program Schedule:


Introduction to the center and Yoga
A talk on the five principles for a balanced healthy lifestyle


One hour introductory Yoga Class
A 60-minute beginner's asana class
3:00pm Introduction to Meditation
A concise introduction to the subject of meditation as a means to attain everlasting peace.
3:30pm Free snack and talk with the teachers
Ask questions, learn about other programs at the center.

Registration is not required. We hope to see you on the day!

Upcoming Open House dates: March 1

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