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New ! Expansion in the asanas


The inverted postures
Thursday 01/02 from 18h30 to 20h00
Triangles and variations
Friday 09/02 from 18h30 to 20h00 (2 hours)
Asanas & deep relaxation
Saturday 17/02 from 16h00 to 17h30
Rear bends and variations
Friday 23/02 from 18h30 to 20h30 (2 hours)

Advanced balancing poses
Friday 02/03 from 18h30 to 20h00 (2 hours)
Torsions and lateral flexions of the spine
Saturday 10/03 from 16h00 to 17h30
Asanas to strengthen the abdominal belt and back
Friday, March 16 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (2 hours)
Foward bendings and sitting postures
Saturday 24/03 from 16h00 to 17h30

Pigeon, crow, peacock and variations
Friday 20/04 from 18h30 to 20h30 (2 hours)
Shoulder stand cycle and variations
Saturday 21/04 from 16h00 to 17h30
Forward bending and hip opener poses
Friday 27/04 from 18h30 to 20h30 (2 hours)










New ! Asanas and variations for all levels


Tuesdays · from 23/01 to 13/02 from 18h30 to 20h00

· Variations of front flexions
· Back bends to strengthen the back
· Balance posture & triangles
· Postures and inverted variations

Condition: have completed Yoga 2
Price: 4 sessions: 125 frs.


The yogic diet


• A healthy diet for a healthy body and mind
• The benefits of vegetarian food
• Practical advice
• Preparation of some easy recipes (30 Min)

Monday, February 19 at 18:30
Monday, March 19th at 6:30 pm

Duration: 90 min.
Price: 28 frs. or class card


The power of positive thinking

Wednesday, February 21 at 18:30

• How to use the force of thoughts
• How does the subconscious mind work
• Affirmations: positive sentences to transform oneself
• Pranayama: Increase prana and calm the mind


Prana, Nadis and Chakras

Mardi 20 mars à 20h00
• Prana : Energie universelle
• Comment se charger avec prana
• Le style de vie sattviques pour purifier les nadis
• Comment fonctionnent les chakras

Prana, Nadis and Chakras 2

Tuesday, March 27 at 8:00 pm
• Sun salutation to activate the physical and astral body
• 45 min. pranayama practice to recharge the solar plexus
• Mantras to purify the nadis
• Relaxation to calm the nervous system

Headstand workshop

A workshop focusing on the headstand, also called the king of postures. Learn the 8 steps to come into the posture, with detailed explanation and individual correction. posture sur la tête
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 28 frs or class card
Yoga 1 course or standard class
Wednesday, February 14 at 18:30
Monday, March 26 at 8:00 pm
Thursday, April 19th at 8:00 pm

Posture sur la tête
Individual coaching

We offer 30-minute one-on-one sessions with an experienced senior instructor. Some personal advice and tips are often enough to bring about substantial progress in both the group practice  and your own practice at home.

  • Sun Salutation
  • Inverted poses
  • Asanas in depth
  • Breathing
  • Meditation coaching


Swami Mangalananda
Participation: 30 min coaching: 50 frs ou 2 x class card. By appointment.
Preparation Session for the Sivananda Teachers’ Training Courses
• Asana and pranayama with individual corrections
• Introduction to meditation and mantras
• Topics taught in the TTC—daily schedule
• About the diploma
• TTC locations
formation de professeurs de yoga
Participation: 28 frs. (workshop only)
Contact us on 022 328 03 28
Saturdays from 3:30 to 8 pm
February 17 · March 10 · May 12

For all the activities please register in advance

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