Courses and Programs

Our ashrams offer a wide variety of special courses on yoga and related topics. Take a look through our schedule of upcoming courses which includes the Ayurveda Wellness Course, The Practical Ayurveda Cooking Workshop, Yoga of the Heart, and a Fasting & Detoxification Program.

If pure relaxation and yoga practice is what you're after, look at our Yoga Vacation program.

We also offer these specialized programs and courses:

Sadhana Intensive - Two weeks of individualized and deep practice of advanced asanas and pranayama, and classical yogic philosophy based on Swami Vishnudevananda's own path to yoga, all taught in a highly disciplined ashram environment. For TTC graduates.

Kids Camp - Yoga can be fun and this month-long program is a great way to introduce and encourage children ages 7-16 to learn about asanas, pranayama, healthy eating, relaxation and the spirit of friendship and community.

Work/Study Program - Live, work and study yoga teachings at one of the many ashrams and centers around the world.

Prison Project - Join the ongoing mission to train men and women behind bars about the yogic lifestyle and the hope that awaits them through it when they return to the outside world.

Teachers Training

Teachers Training Course - An inspiring, month-long immersion into the yogic lifestyle (at one of the many ashrams) to become a yoga teacher or deepen your practice.

Advanced Teachers Training Course - An exciting opportunity to continue growing through the yogic teachings during an intense, month-long ashram program for TTC graduates.

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