Sivananda Yoga vedanta center, Chicago
"Redesigning our lives, as if caring for the planet mattered"
Introduction to Permaculture
3 hour comprehensive seminar with Bill Wilson from Midwest Permaculture

Yoga Center Backyard

Saturday, January 17th. Seminar 1pm-4pm

The Yoga Center recently initiated a project to redesign our backyard space according to the principles of permaculture with help from a group of volunteers who trained at Midwest Permaculture. We are pleased to be welcoming Bill Wilson, founder of Midwest Permaculture to give this three-hour introductory seminar.

Cost: 3 hour seminar, $50 at the door or $35 with pre-registration before January 15th 2009. Yoga Center members $45/$30

Find more information about the seminar and permaculture below or at the Midwest Permaculture website,

After the seminar from 4pm-5pm there will be a brief introduction the the Transition Towns movement.

Read more about the Transition Towns movement


What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a creative and artful way of living, where wastes become resources, productivity and yields increase, work is minimized, people and nature are all preserved and the environment is restored and even enhanced - all by thoughtful planning and a respectful approach to life. Thus embraced, we create an environment where all may thrive for untold generations.

We as humans have the ability to re-design the world we live in. All it takes is desire, know how, will, and time. Even if it takes 50-100 years, the change can begin with each one of us right now and the effects of our work can have beneficial consequences for generations to come.

This unique 3-hour seminar was designed to give the attendee a working grasp of what permaculture is and to provide some practical examples of how to incorporate permaculture design techniques into one's own life, property, and community.

During the seminar Bill will share pictures and descriptions of some exciting examples of how permaculture design is transforming the possibilities before us. A thorough study of permaculture invites us to look at our homes, our uses and sources of energy, our work, our relationships with others, and even our relationship with ourselves. The goal of permaculture is to create harmonious relationships with all aspects of our life.


Bill Mollison, Permaculture founder

The seminar will include a 45-minute video of permaculture's founder Bill Mollison (left), who shares his unique overview on the subject while taking the viewer to many places around the globe where permaculture has changed peoples lives.

Mollison takes us to devastated lands in India, the dust bowl/deserts of the American Southwest, mountainous regions, the tropics, New York City, and some suburban back yards.

There will also be a couple of hand-outs and some resource tips for discovering more information on permaculture.

The purpose of the seminar is to give the beginning student:
1. a grounded understanding of what permaculture is,
2. a good idea of where and how it can be applied,
3. some vivid examples of what permaculture can actually accomplish,
4. and where someone can go to find more information on this fascinating subject.


About Bill Wilson
Seminar Presenter

Communitarian, permaculturist and educator, Bill is founder of Midwest Permaculture, past executive director of Center for Sustainable Community (an educational, non--profit organization) and a 29 year resident of the unique and sustainably-oriented community of Stelle, Illinois.

Bill was one of the co-creators of the Stelle Community Garden Cooperative and the Community Tool Co-op. Stelle hosts its own solar-powered telephone company (which includes solar-powered, high-speed internet service), a windmill-assisted fresh-water treatment facility, and Illinois' first strawbale home.

"Permaculturists can grow food just about anywhere,
repair environmentally damaged lands,
design lovely and long lasting green-buildings,
produce power,
run successful, people-oriented businesses,
and build authentic community -
all by using the same fundamental permaculture principles
and applying a Permaculture Ethic:
Care of People - Care of the Earth - Share all Surplus."
Bill Wilson - Midwest Permaculture