Raw Food Workshops with Lisa Villary September 1st-7th

Raw Food Week!

Come Play With Your Food. Spend a week exploring raw food in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains of Val Morin, Canada, about an hour away from Montreal. Hosted by the Sivananda Yoga Camp,  participants will have the pleasure of practicing in yoga classes, as well as participating in  raw food instruction.

In this intensive hands-on workshop, participants will explore all aspects of raw food. Some raw food preparation techniques include soaking, sprouting, fermentation, dehydration, blending, creating nut milks, and nut “cheeses,” raw substitutes for traditional meals, raw desserts, and much more. Participants will have the opportunity to use a variety of tools such as a spiralizer, mandoline, vitamix, dehydrator, and a food processor.Participants will also practice essential planning involved in raw food meals. Students will receive a raw food instruction booklet.

Students are asked to follow the Ashram schedule throughout the day. Each day students will experience creating the meal as well as eating together to enjoy the fruits of our labor. The Course uses a variety of learning techniques, hands-on, lectures, demos, and videos. Student participation is encouraged in a fun and inventive way. We hope you will come play with your food.

Daily Schedule:

6:00–7:30 am: Satsang (silent meditation, chanting, talk) or Silent Walk

8:00–10:00 am: Yoga Class: Asana and Pranayama (breathing) Class

10:00 am–7:00 pm: Raw Food intensive

8:00 pm: Evening Satsang (silent meditation, chanting, talk) or Silent Walk

10:00 pm:Lights out

Special Weekly Rates:

Check in: August 31st  Check out: September 7th

Tent: 175$ (7 nights)

Dormitory: $285 (7 nights)

For the discounted accommodation, please call and make the reservation as it is not available online.