Transforming Emotion Through Devotion with Lalita Chaitanya August 22nd-23rd

“Happiness comes when the individual merges in God.” ~Swami Sivananda

Since we are all emotional beings, we need yogic practices that move our hearts. Since we all feel love, Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, has practices for all of us. Explore these practices and experience their power lift your heart and your mind in these workshops on Bhakti Yoga. Here we learn to approach the Divine through love, and as we grow in love, we begin to see the Divine in all beings and to experience it as our own true nature.


The Power of Thought and the Names of God:

The quality of our thoughts determine the quality of our lives, and our strongest thoughts determine our futures. Stories from Srimad Bhagavatam, one of Yoga’s greatest devotional scriptures, has stories that will illustrate this beautifully. With these stories in mind, we will explore how to elevate our thoughts and feelings through the use of Sanskrit mantras, and we will put it to practice chanting Kirtan.


The Path of Love:

The great sage Narada was not only a great teacher but also a great devotee, and he taught that Bhakti is the easiest of the Yogas. Hear stories about Narada and learn about his teachings on the nature of Divine love. We will discover why Bhakti is the easiest path to God-realization, how to cultivate devotion, and different means of relating to the Divine.