Understanding Your Dharma with Dhira Chaitanya July 28th-August 1st

Understanding Dharma in Vedic Tradition:
In the Vedic tradition the word Dharma has a variety of meanings depending on the context in which it is used. As humans, we are born with the unique faculty of being able to exercise ‘free will’. This puts us in a position of having to make choices that may be right, wrong or neutral. Thus we become subject to how we understand and exercise morality and learn to make right choices. Our choice of actions is also connected to their consequences;  or, in other words to our understanding of Law of Karma. Karma in Vedic tradition is looked upon as a natural Order.Dharma is also understood in Vedic tradition as one’s personal duty towards oneself and those we are connected to.Forgiveness as a Value:

Forgiveness is a value that is emphasized in most religious traditions. One is often put in a position of having to ask to be forgiven for one’s transgressions or to forgive others for their transgressions. It is an advice given and heard more readily than it can be executed. This value needs to be well understood in order for it to be followed in sincerity.

Parenting and Teaching value of Traditions:
One of the challenges in raising children in a multicultural environment is teaching them Value for one’s tradition. This is especially so when one belongs to a minority group. It is important to not only teach but also understand one’s own traditions in order to be able to impart them to one’s children. This and other Parenting issues will be discussed in an informal Satsang with Sri Dhira Chaitanya.