Positive Thinking with Swami Sitaramananda July 14th-20th

One of the main causes of stress is negative feelings and thoughts. Negativity is prevalent nowadays in our fast paced lives. Our interactions with each other may be more negative than comforting and joyful. Our minds may be saturated and our sensitivities numbed by information overload and the confusion and despair that comes from local, national or world current events. In this atmosphere, it is difficult for us to access our innate positive and joyful nature and remember the goodness of men and the grace of God. We may easily lose faith, doubt our true path, and worry about where the world is going and what will become of us.

We need to see clearly and take a break from our busy lives to recharge and reconnect with the beauty and meaning of life. We can not change the external but we can change our outlook about it. We can not redo the past and it is not helpful to worry about the future, but we can live in the solid present and make the best of it.

During this week there will be workshops and lectures specifically addressing the power of thoughts, how to be in the present, how to turn negative feelings and thoughts to positive, and how to manage stress and respond positively to challenges. Yoga psychology and philosophy have a wealth of techniques and information that will help us cope.

Swami Sitaramananda, author of Positive thinking Manual” and “Essentials of Yoga Practice and Philosophy” will conduct daily workshops on the power of thoughts and the techniques of Positive thinking based on the 4 classical paths of Yoga.