Gardening & Permaculture Courses

Join Gita and Gauri Devi as they share thier expertise of and love for gardening and sustainable living through these offerings:

Planning Your Herbal Garden

April 25th-27th:

A look at different ways of setting up your gardens, ideas for all sizes, choosing plants and herbs to cultivate for teas, herbal creams and medicinal purposes.

Installing Your Herbal Garden

May 30th-June 1st:

A hands-on workshop, preparing herbal beds, learning techniques on how to extend your season and adding natural nourishment and boosts to your plant beds.

Introduction to Organic Gardening and Permaculture with Gauri Devi

June 2nd-8th:

A weeklong in depth look at the theory and practice of permaculture, the pros and cons of organic gardening styles and how to integrate sustainability into your busy life. canadian viagra generic
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