Vegetarian Cooking Courses

Vegetarian Cooking Weekends with Neeti

Nov 14-16:

Learn the art of properly using local spices to create delicious Indian vegetarian meals along with tools and recipes to enjoy the same at home. No experience necessary.

Vegetarian Cooking Certification Course with Neeti

June 23-29:

Are you in love with Indian food but can’t tell the difference between Garam Masala and coriander? Learn the art of mixing flavors and available local spices to create tasty dishes in the traditional old world Northern Indian style of cooking. Dishes include dals/beans, yogurt based sauces, paneer (cheese), rice and Indian breads. Neeti has been teaching cooking for 5 years and enjoys sharing her love of Indian Cuisine with beginners or seasoned cooks.Price: 300$ plus accommodation. More details