Sacred Sounds Workshop with Alain Beaulieu

2014 dates:

November 21st: This workshop is an invitation to go on a  sensorial journey within yourself.

Objectives :  

  • Feel the energy in your body
  • Feel what happens to the body and spirit
  • Raise your vibratory level
  • Access the healing power of sound

The body is the central place of spiritual transformation. Chanting and drumming take place “here and now”. The sounds are always in the “now”. You can develop consciousness, self-awareness by feeling the energy from within the body. Why? To re-connect with ourselves and the Divine essence of our being. The main benefit is, access to the process of self-healing. How? By developing a way to ground yourself and raise the vibratory level. You can create a new energetic equilibrium by practicing the healing power of sound.


  • Raises the kundalini energy
  • nourish and energize cells
  • stimulate regenerating process
  • slowing down the aging process
  • boost immune system

Yoga of Sound comes from the tradition of Nada Yoga. Nada yoga pursues the same objectives as Hatha Yoga, by using sound energies.  It has been documented in the history of India, for over 2000 years. It is an old approach of yoga recently re-discovered by occidental people. Chakras react and respond to sounds and vibrations.  The sounds from the human voice, musical instruments, percussion instruments and others selected sounds are harmonised with one or several chakras, and enable their opening and full power. The more you feel what is happening in your body, the more benefits you receive, and you will be on your way to self-healing.

Staying/Resident guests – Free of charge
Visitors – $30 (workshop,one yoga class, one meal and Satsang all inclusive)

“We lost our freedom of movement and our trust in our natural way of rhythm.

Our body knows the rhythm, by an apprenticeship, we just remember what

our body already knows.”  -Tom Klower