Dates for 2015:

  • May 8th-10th
  • September 25th-27th

Workshop timing: 11:00 – 5:00p.m.

A sweat lodge ceremony is a Native American practice done for spiritual cleansing. The lodge is designed and built to provide the sacred space where participants can tune into the different spirits that are invited to the ceremony. Together we will construct a sweat lodge under the guidance of Pierre, who will then lead us through the ceremony, on a journey that is spiritually and physically purifying. Price: 25$ (cost for the sweat lodge) + accommodation

This workshop is open only to ashram guests, and the price is included in the rate of your stay. Book your accommodation online or call (+1) 819-322-3226 or 1-800-263-9642.

Pierre CorvionePierre Corvione is a Yoga Teacher, and karma yogi at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Much of  his life experience comes from years of travel in Central America and India, where he lived close to different native cultures, and learned shamanic and yogic techniques for healing. The experiences of those years lead him to develop an intimate and respectful relationship with the Earth. His passion to live with respect to the movements of Nature continues to inspire him to find new ways to incorporate renewable energy techniques into his daily live.