In addition to the yoga classes twice daily, and silent meditation and chanting in the morning and evening, the Yoga Camp offers many special programs, courses and other events.

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Meditation Intensive with Swami Shivabhaktananda September 17th-21st

Looking to develop a firmer foundation for your personal meditation routine? Join us for five days on the path of broadening your spiritual development and finding new depth in your meditation practice. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned practitioner, this course will help you explore meditation from every angle. Learn techniques to focus the mind, the benefits of meditation, how pranayama and asana practices can enhance meditation, obstacles you may encounter when you sit to meditate and how to get past them, how important your diet is in making positive progress with quieting the mind and much more. The ashram and time spent at Samadhi Estate, which is still alive with Swami Vishnu’s energy, are the perfect places to immerse yourself for this experiential course.



Navaratri September 25th – October 3rd

Navaratri, or the nine nights of the Divine Mother, will be held at the Subramanya Ayyappa Temple, where pujas and devotional chants will be done in praise of the Devi.

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Sweat Lodge weekend – September 26th-28th

Sweat lodge, often referred to as a ceremonial sauna, is a practice of purification through prayer and songs. Come and experience an old tradition that our native ancestors would practice.

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Yoga for Seniors with Carole Morency October 3rd-5th

canadian generic viagra pharmacyCarole Morency, author of the book-dvd, “Yoga Tout, the yoga for seniors”, worked in the field of communication before realizing her true passion: Yoga. Certified in the classical Hatha Yoga by the Sivananda organization, she continued her studies and obtained a certificate in Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac and Cancer certification training, Silver Age Yoga and Yoga for seniors. In 2008 she developed the method “Yoga Tout”, a Yoga completely adapted for the seniors. During this 3 days retreat, you will discover why Yoga is beneficial for the seniors. One must move to protect the health and live better these important years of life. Yoga is quite appropriate for this. This system, very ancient, encourages a lifestyle that affects all aspects of an individual. Learn how and why through the practice of adapted pos- tures, mantra chanting, positive thinking, dietary theory, and breath work, the life style diseases and issues faced by the elderly due to inactivity, can be helped or prevented. Discounted rates available for seniors.



Japa Yoga with Pierre Corvione October 10th-12th

Learn how to make a mala and the practice of japa yoga. Develop a practice of repeating a mantra (sacred sound) and reap the benefits of immersion oneself in concentration and devotion.

Visitors – $30 (workshop,one yoga class, one meal and one Satsang) + 20$ for materials


Thanksgiving Weekend – October 10th-13th

Fun activities,delicious thanksgiving feast on Saturday night, and special programme for satsang! Please note that the weekend getaway prices are not valid for this weekend. There is a 50% discount for sunday evening, for those staying all three nights.


Open House – October 18th

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp invites you to attend our free Open House, Saturday October 18th. We supply mats and cushions. We also offer a beginners course, every Tuesday and Thursday, from October 21st-November 6th.

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Beginners course October 21st – November 6th

Beginners course in french, twice a week on tuesday and thursday, from 6:00pm-7.30pm. There will be six classes in total for 72$.

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Juice Fasting and Detox weekend with Suzanne – 24th-26th October

Spring equinox juice and detox weekend is a very good and yogic way of starting the coming season. Juices and vegetable broth are specially made to provide the body the necessary nutrients and help the internal cleanse of the digestive system. Please note that during the weekend food will be served regularly at the Ashram, it is not mandatory to be part of the program. Cost: $50 (plus accommodation)

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Join us in celebrating Swami Vishnudevananda’s Mahasamadhi and Jalasamadi.

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Sivananda Teachers’ Training Course November 16th- December 14th

A four-week intensive course covering all aspects of yoga—a profound personal experience in which daily life is fully integrated into the yoga training. Gives a firm foundation for teaching as well as strengthening personal practice.

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Sacred Sounds Workshop with Alain Beaulieu November 21st

generic viagra online pharmacy reviewJoin us in discovering the healing power of sound. This workshop includes: Mantras chanting with drumming, a vibratory concert with eclectic percussion instruments to create a new energetic equilibrium and guided meditation to raise the vibratory level.

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Concert with Uwe Newman and Subir Dev december 6th

Join us for a fusion of Classical Indian music with Uwe Newman and Subir Dev.


Christmas at the Yoga Camp Dec 22nd-Jan 1st

Join us for a white christmas and holiday celebrations, and special programmes!