In addition to the yoga classes twice daily, and silent meditation and chanting in the morning and evening, the Yoga Camp offers many special programs, courses and other events.

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Juice Fasting and Detox weekend with Suzanne – 24th-26th October

Fall juice and detox weekend is a very good and yogic way of starting the coming season. Juices and vegetable broth are specially made to provide the body the necessary nutrients and help the internal cleanse of the digestive system. Please note that during the weekend food will be served regularly at the Ashram, it is not mandatory to be part of the program. Cost: $50 (plus accommodation)

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Darkness to the Light – October 31-Nov 2

Prepare yourself for the shortening hours of daylight by finding your own inner light. Weekend includes preparing your own lantern, and night-time silent walk into the forest and outdoor satsang by a bonfire.




Transitions- Navigating the Life Journey November 7th-9th

As the seasons shift so too do our lives. We are continually called to leave something behind and move into something new. Our personal life transitions may be brought on by job or career change, moving, illness or injury, a new baby or relationship changes, empty nesting or issues of aging, death of someone we care about, or some other experience lived. It is at these moments that we have the greatest opportunity to connect deeper with Life. Just when it seems that things will never be the same again, it is then that we have choices and options that deeply affect how we move forward. Will I fall into the abyss and be lost, a victim of my life? Or will my life be richer and more meaningful as I take hold of my learnings? Let’s discover a framework of understanding that will support us to move through change with the best healed outcome possible. Become the person you are meant to be.




canadian generic viagra online Join us in celebrating Swami Vishnudevananda’s Mahasamadhi and Jalasamadi.

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Yoga for Back Care with Kumari November 10th-12th

During these two days, you will learn about basic principles of back care; how to alleviate discomfort; how to stabilize the structure of the back. You will practice how to maintain postural integrity and adapt basic yoga poses. We will also use relaxation techniques and healing visualizations.



Sivananda Teachers’ Training Course November 16th- December 14th

A four-week intensive course covering all aspects of yoga—a profound personal experience in which daily life is fully integrated into the yoga training. Gives a firm foundation for teaching as well as strengthening personal practice.

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Sacred Sounds Workshop with Alain Beaulieu November 21st

Join us in discovering the healing power of sound. This workshop includes: Mantras chanting with drumming, a vibratory concert with eclectic percussion instruments to create a new energetic equilibrium and guided meditation to raise the vibratory level.

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Concert with Uwe Neumann and Subir Dev december 6th

Join us for a fusion of Classical Indian music with Uwe Newman and Subir Dev.


Christmas at the Yoga Camp Dec 22nd-Jan 1st

Join us for a white christmas and holiday celebrations, and special programmes!

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