In addition to the yoga classes twice daily, and silent meditation and chanting in the morning and evening, the Yoga Camp offers many special programs, courses and other events.

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Sivananda Teachers’ Training Course November 16th- December 14th

A four-week intensive course covering all aspects of yoga—a profound personal experience in which daily life is fully integrated into the yoga training. Gives a firm foundation for teaching as well as strengthening personal practice.

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Sacred Sounds Workshop with Alain Beaulieu November 21st

Join us in discovering the healing power of sound. This workshop includes: Mantras chanting with drumming, a vibratory concert with eclectic percussion instruments to create a new energetic equilibrium and guided meditation to raise the vibratory level.

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Concert with Uwe Neumann and Subir Dev december 6th

Join us for a traditional classical Indian music concert with Uwe Newman and Subir Dev.


Christmas at the Yoga Camp Dec 22nd-Jan 1st

Join us for a white christmas and holiday celebrations, and special programmes!

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Sadhana Week – January 4th to 11th

Sadhana WeekDuring this week the Ashram is closed for guests from sunday afternoon after checkout time (15:00). No classes or meals are offered and the accommodations are not available for guests. Ashram reopens the following monday 12th and will continue with the regular schedule. This program is available only for residents.


Learn Yoga in a Weekend with Tejas- January 16th-18th

Jump start your yoga practice and learn all the basic techniques: abdominal breathing and full yogic breath, sun salutations to warm up your body and gain flexibility; basic yoga postures, relaxation and introduction to concentration and meditation. No previous experience required. 



Meditation weekend with Chandrika- January 23rd-25th

The meditation weekend offers an introduction to and theory of the different methods of meditation (japa, lakhita, tratak, silent walk). The theory will be given on friday night during satsang and on saturday afternoon at two lectures (12:00 and 14:00). Students will have the opportunity to discuss in detail the different methods and at the end of the workshop will be better equipped to appreciate the philosophy of meditation.



Yoga and Relaxation with Sushi January 30th-February 1st

Fight stress and find serenity through learning yoga and relaxation tools that you can take with you into your daily life. Learn how to use your breath, concentration and the application of the yoga poses to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body.