Lisez ces quelques témoignages de personnes qui ont bien voulu partager avec nous leur expérience de l’ashram en diverses occasions : vacances, cours de formation de professeurs (TTC), sadhana intensif, concerts, conférences etc.

Le message spirituel de Swami Vishnudevananda peut ainsi se répandre et toucher au plus près tant d’autres personnes.

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  • I spent a week at the Ashram participating in satsang, Karma Yoga and daily Beginner Yoga classes. The setting was beautiful and the people, both staff and other guests, were lovely. I left feeling calm, refreshed…and well stretched…both literally and figuratively. I had some interesting insights that I am carrying back into the world in the hope that I can, if only in some small way, be “the change”. Gwen
  • As the owner of a company that takes yogis on retreat I was very pleased with the atmosphere and spirit at the ashram. It was a restful retreat and I look forward to my next visit.
  • From the moment I enter the ashram I realize that is was much more than I was expecting. The landspace is amazing and just been in a place where you are allowed to be with yourself without any commitment with anyone, just with you. Was a beautiful experience. Never been in an ashram before and for sure everytime if I have the opportunity of visiting any other of the Sivananda ashram I will not hesitate. Great place to find time for yourself and God. And also, meet people from all over the world looking for peace and yoga.
  • As the owner of a company that takes yogis on retreat I was very pleased with the atmosphere and spirit at the ashram. It was a restful retreat and I look forward to my next visit.
  • It`s a life changing experience, filled with love and realisation of God who resides within us all.
  • Om! Wow! Cette visite a changer ma vie! Je serais retee des semaines. Les gens, l energie, le staff, le yoga, le satsang, le calme, le sauna…etc. Tout est parfait. Merci a tous les gens qui participent a faire cet ashram un lieu de paix ou il fait bon se ressourcer. Je reviendrai, c est sur. J apporte avec moi, un nouveau bagage qui contribuera et contribue deja a resource ma vie plus lumineuse.
  • Om! I`m very glad to have stayed the entire week. There are times of toughness andn times of utter joy. All the teachers and staff open their hearts up to you. Back to Seattle, hope to maintain my new caffeine-free life!
  • Om om! C est toujours un plaisir de venir voir la lumiere a la source. Namaste.
  • Merci pour ces merveilleux moments passes parmis vous cet ete ,le site est incroyable au milieu d une superbe nature,on vous y acceuilles chaleureusement ,les cours de yoga sont extra particulierement a l exterieur , tout est reunis pour passe de tres bon moments. > Namaste
  • The message I took away with me was to recognize the divinity in all of us
  • It’s a great place to go and spend your vacation. To me it was like coming come to a place that I was always looking for. I like the spiritual connectedness and openness for any kind of religion.
    The food is amazing and I loved to yoga classes. It’s great that you still include the breathing exercise at the beginning of a class. It was one of my best vacation and I definitely will go back:
  • I wanted to send you a note and thank you for the amazing experience, I had during my short visit to the Ashram. This was my first time but it was just incredible, the energy, the people, the teachers, the food. I still miss the energy of the chanting in the Krishna temple. I hope can visit again soon, we are lucky to have this wonderful center in Toronto. Prahalad, Saraswati, Kalyani and Masao do such amazing job here. Om Namah Shivaya… Mukesh Jain, Toronto, ON
  • I loved my week at the camp, it was a great way to charge my energy, relax and specially do yoga. I met very nice people,the location is beautiful and green, a nice escape from New York in a very hot summer.
  • Comme première expérience au Centre Val-Morin, ayant allongé mon passage pour un total de 7 jours, J’ai passé la semaine la plus bénéfique de ma vie sur le plan spirituel. C’est indéniable, il y a un énergie là qui fait bouger les choses! En toute simplicité, à chaque jour, j’y ai vécu de petits miracles et de très beaux moments avec les gens. J’avais l’impression de me retrouver à une autre époque ou de retourner dans le beau monde de mon enfance. C’est vraiment une philosophie de vie complète et équilibrée ce Yoga intégrale qu’offre le Centre Shivananda. Le plus beau cadeau est d’avoir pu créer et soutenir, à mon retour chez moi, une pratique quotidienne du Yoga, m’inspirant de ce que j’ai vécu et des gens que j’ai connu à l ‘Ashram. Il va sans dire que l’expérience est à renouveler pour continuer à évoluer dans cette magnifique voie du Yoga. GRATITUDE! Éric
  • I’ve visited twice now and have thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful meditation, gentle yoga, delicious vegetarian meals, culturally stimulating hindu experiences, bilingual atmosphere, welcoming staff and thought provoking workshops/lectures. I’m looking forward to my next visit and would really love to see the camping season extended into the fall. I found the combination of camping out and practicing meditation and yoga to be super relaxing! Merci mille fois pour un autre très bon séjour.
    Erica from New Hampshire
  • Thank you for a magical experience! We leave here filled with love, peace and serenity. Great Puja with all our love Chrissy and Franck. 21st June 2011
  • I spent one week in this beautiful ashram. I feel physically, mentally and spiritually regenerated. The many hours of hatha yoga, along with the healthy and delicious food worked wonders. The staff are all caring and loving. It’s been a great stay. William.
  • There are no words….Love and thanks Shira
  • The dynamic, warm, inviting and caring individuals who keep this magical ashram pristine make the trip to the Laurentian Mountains even more special.Thank you for a lovely experience. Lalita.
  • It was the most organised, smoothly running place I have ever been.Wonderful, that you can help out, made me believe that I am part of the whole. Mari.
  • Merci a tous et a toutes de nous offrir un havre de paix et de ressourcement. Namaste Helene Quebec.
  • This visit to the ashram was so freeing for me. I decided to come on my own with no agenda, except of course to enjoy the routine and experience. It lead me back to myself, my practice and to what is important. Being there gave me time to reflect, share and make new friends whom I will always cherish in my heart. If you want to give yourself a gift, spend time in this beautiful sacred place, let go and watch what happens. Om Shanti! Susan Zavadil. St. Catharines Ontario
  • Om Namah Sivaya, I am Manisha, in may 2011, I came to Val Morin, just for a week vocation from Burlington, Ontario, fortunately I got a chance to attend back care program. I really like it. Though, we learn a lot in yoga teacher training, but, still there was lots of information to learn in back care program. I shared all information with my friends and family members. I really enjoyed fresh home made bread and delicious well balanced meals and well-water. I enjoyed Sauna and swedish massage. I stared to come to Sivananda for vacation since 1996, and since then, I am come continually. It is very good place. Staff is very hard working, caring, spiritual, which nourishes the atmosphere with positive energy. Thanks to Staff. Looking forward to seeing you again next year, or may be before once again before winter.
  • I came just to visit my family and I was made to feel very welcome by everyone here. You have a beautiful camp, delicious food and a great sense of calm amidst all the TTC prep. Trish.
  • Merci pour la belle semaine! Ce fut une merveilleuse experience, tres emuchissante! Je la porteraie dans mon corps, dans mon ame et dan mon coeur sur le chemin de ma vie. Merci Marie-Claude.
  • Un gros, gros merci, c’etait une premiere experience. Elle a ete fantastique. Le prochain sejour plus long. Merci Isabelle.
  • Une sincere merci a tout le monde! Des gens merveilleux, un endroit paradisiaque, une experience inoubliable! Et sas oublier un massage extraordinaire! J’ai promis une prochaine visite et je tiendrais parole! Continuez vos bons enseignements. Merci, merci, merci. Stephanie.
  • Thank you Sivananda Center for this amazing experience in such a beautiful setting. I will come back. Holly.
  • Forget the pills….some time at Sivananda yoga camp and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling a kind of peace you’ve never experienced before. Try it! Susan.
  • I really enjoyed the simplicity of the routines, the calmness of the environment and the happy eyes of the volunteers who live at Sivananda Yoga Camp. It has rededicated me to my daily yoga practice, and I am making plans to return for another weekend retreat soon! Marcia Bamber, Ottawa
  • We had a wonderful experience and felt truly energized after our weekend. The staff are wonderful and dedicated. The food was amazing. My only little criticism is the great big white Mercedes Benz belonging to the swami Mahadevananda. It just doesn’t seem to fit with the experience or ideal that are presented. Yoga is becoming more and more elitist. Accommodations at the camp are reasonable, however still inaccessible for many. Maybe instead of one hour of karma yoga a day it could be a pay what you can and help more with chores.
    Anyway I would like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful staff.
  • Je suis venue passer 4 jours fabuleux à l’Ashram de Val-Morin cet été. Que de belles rencontres, des gens merveilleux et souriants, une énergie incroyable et un endroit ou le calme et le ressourcement nous sont offerts comme un cadeau! J’ai adoré les méditations, les satsangs et les enseignements. Ce sont des moments qui m’ont permis d’approfondir mes apprentissages et de confirmer ma gratitude d’avoir le yoga dans ma vie. Je n’oublierai jamais le moment magique que fut la marche silencieuse en méditation dans la montagne, avec le soleil levant qui guidait nos pas, ce fut un grand moment de communion avec la Vie pour moi. Merci de faire de cet endroit un lieu inspirant ! Isabelle Léveillé
  • A weekend went by too quickly….can’t wait to come back soon and breath the fresh air, improve my asanas and meet more wonderful people. Jyll. Toronto.
  • A wonderful weekend away from it all, how beautiful it is to see and feel so much joy. Catherine. Montreal.
  • Merci pour un moment de detente et de paix. Melanie. Chambly.
  • Mon court sejour ici a ete une experience tres positive et ressourcante. Melanie. Quebec.
  • Nous avons bien apprecie notre sejour. Tous les gens sont sympathatique.
  • Merci pour la super experience on se revairas surement. Florence.
  • Merci a tous pour la belle experience ce fut une semaine riche en apprentisages de toutes sortes. Je reviendrai. Frederick.
  • Thank you for a great experience. The food was great as well as the staff. Can I recommend you post recipes on your site? Namaste Christina.
  • Namaste. Magnifique sejour! Super energie de belles rencontres, une grande humanite. Merci et a bientot. Caroline.
  • Nous repartons remplies d’energie et de paix! Merci pour tout! Michele.
  • Namaste, so much love, so much wonderful energy. Tellement d’amour, tellement de belles energies.
    So nice to meet you and discover this wonderful place. Heureuse de cette rencontre et d’avoir devouvert ce bel endroit sur la planete yoga. Marie-Joe. Lacrosse.
  • Namaste – Tres heureuse d’etre venu, d’avoir profite de l’instant present dans cet endroit magnifique avec des personnes fantastique. A bientot Marylou.
  • Merci du fond du coeur. Au revoir. Caroline.
  • Great moments, great scenery and most of all the greatest and peaceful people to meet. Can’t wait to come back. Thanks for each one of you.
  • Thank you – This was a wonderful experience to share with my daughter. Until the next time. Maria.
  • Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Tiffany.
  • Great way to relax, grow spiritually and enjoy equal minded people. Ada.

Sadhana Intensive

  • Je viens tout juste de terminer le sadhana intensive… Wow… Quelle merveilleuse expérience. Je souhaite à tous de pouvoir un jour faire le TTC et/ou tout autre cours proposé par l’organisation Sivananda. Je suis une meilleure personne de jour en jour et je dois beaucoup à l’organisation Sivananda pour ce cheminement. Merci à nos maîtres et à ceux qui perpétuent les enseignements de nos maîtres pour qu’on puisse tous en bénéficier, Narayani


  • Je termine le jeune de 14 jours qui s’est tres bien deroule. L’energie de l’ashram est tres positive. Si positive que j’y resterai cinq jours supplementaires. Linda.

TTC Reunion

  • Om Namah Sivaya!
    The 2011 TTC Reunion was absolutely amazing! I have never been to this Ashram and found it absolutely beautiful & full of serenity. I feel eternally grateful to the all the staff for creating such a wonderful event. Two guests accompanied me on this TTC Reunion, my daughter and sister-in-law, and they had their very first ashram experience. It was a joy to share this experience with them & I am pleased to say that this weekend enlightened them as well.
    We will never forget this extra ordinary experience, which gifted us, with many blessings & fully recharged! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts, for everything: from morning meditation, to the delicious Indian food, to a powerful puja in the company of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, flying helicopter, interesting talks and satsungs.
    Many, many, many thanks & it was a pleasure meeting you all & I hope to return again and again.
    Om Shanti, Prem, Ramapriya
  • Om Namah Sivaya,
    TTC Reunion 2011 was absolutely amazing! The Sivananda Yoga Camp Staff managed to make the magic happen once again for a fabulous weekend of yoga, meditation, performance and sheer bliss,
    We all appreciated all the effort that went into making the reunion a great success. All our needs were well taken care of from the moment we arrived. The staff did an amazing job, thank-you!!

Ayurvedic Therapy

  • I came to the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy course because I wanted to deepen my own practice of Yoga. Then Dr. Halpern started to teach and I forgot all about my personal wants. My outlook on people shifted ever so gently. I have returned to my life now, and the joy, the harmony and the compassion that I have found during the course are with me still. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience.