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Yoga for Managing Stress & Psychosomatic Disorders with Dr.Bali March 27th-29th

Through the calming and renewing practice of yoga, and particularly Dr. Bali’s method of therapeutic yoga, you can reduce the detrimental effect of stress on your wellbeing. Shift to optimal levels of health, happiness, wholeness and find your Bliss! Register

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Easter Weekend with Ken Whitely and Lama Tenzin April 3rd-5th

Join us for as special weekend that will include the teachings of Lama Tenzin on the power of patience and compassion as well as the music of gospel singer and yogi Ken Whiteley. Register

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Yoga Therapy for Back Care: A practical Course for Yoga Teachers with Kumari April 17th-19th

Learn how to adapt traditional Hatha yoga classes to safely accommodate the needs of the growing number of individuals with back issues.  This course is intended for yoga teachers as well as yoga practitioners with back issues.  More details Register

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Teaching Yoga for Seniors Certification Course with Kumari

April 13 – 16

We will explore ways to introduce breath work, guided relaxation, chanting, sound, and meditation into a yoga class for seniors.  Most importantly, you will learn how to help your students anchor the spiritual teaching of yoga into their lives. This course is open for yoga teachers and healthcare professionals. Certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the course. Course fee: 250$ + accommodation Register More details

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Workshop and Satsang with Swami Kailasananda

Workshop, April 7th- Transformative power of Sound. 8pm -Satsang: ‘ The power of service in modern society’. Swami Kailasananda is the Yoga Acharya and director of Ashram de Yoga Sivananda in France. She teaches with dynamism and inspiration and is the author of ‘The Sivananda Book of Meditation’. Register

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