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For More Information

Feel free to contact us at or your local Sivananda Yoga Centre or Ashram and inquire about the full-time staff program.

Becoming Staff at a Sivananda Centre or Ashram

For those who would like to dedicate their life fully to the spiritual Yogic path, we offer a full-time staff program at our different Yoga Centres and Ashrams around the world. Karma Yoga is an integral part of the staff experience.

A Complete Commitment

Based on the ancient Gurukhula system of education, the staff program involves full dedication by the participants. Besides daily attendance to Satsang (silent meditation, Mantra chanting and lecture) and practice of Asanas and Pranayama, most of the day is filled up by practice of Karma Yoga (selfless service).

All teachers, helpers and full-time staff members in the organization are working on a volunteer basis. No one is here to earn money or derive any material or otherwise selfish advantages. Karma Yoga is acknowledged as a means to inner purification, ego removal and spiritual growth.

Who Can Join?

Although anybody, including beginners on the Yogic path can join, most staff members are usually graduates from the Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training Course and have some kind of prior contact with a Sivananda Yoga Centre or Ashram as either a guest, student or Karma Yogi (volunteer)

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